Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Got Any Query?

The blog would have covered almost all questions you might have about credit card paranoia. But I wont deny you the freedom to ask them yourself, so here it is.

After going thru the different chapters of the blog, you can post your query in that section (although medyo mahaba na), posting it here might be better for you and our regular visitors?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What's Your Paranoia Score?

This is now the 20th chapter of the blog. Take this simple test to find out if you can now move on or is still stuck in the Credit Card Paranoia quicksand.

True or False

  1. I will be imprisoned because I failed to pay my credit cards and personal loans.
  2. The threat: If I don’t pay today, a subpoena from the court will be sent tomorrow.
  3. The attorney informs he has filed a case in RTC about my unpaid P 10,000 debt.
  4. They are going to get my properties if I cannot pay them;
  5. A preliminary attachment has been filed in court against me.
  6. They are collecting from my father because I am just a supplementary
  7. A civil case will be filed against me for violation of RA 8484
  8. Mr. Collector told me “not to dispose my properties or withdraw my deposits”
  9. My name will be published in the newspaper because I did not pay my debt
  10. One of my option would be to write the bank president for a reconsideration
  11. I transferred residence without informing them. This is a violation of RA 8484.
  12. The collector is allowed to call or visit me at any reasonable time.
  13. I called the number given to me and talked with Atty. De la Cruz.
  14. The collector told me to pay P 5,000.00 first before being given an SOA.
  15. They will ask our HR to hold my salary.
  16. An HDO will be issued if I returned here due to my obligation with them
  17. I am liable for BP 22 because I issued PDCs for my utang.
  18. My credit records will be “cleansed” if I pay my utang 10 years ago.
  19. I cannot open a savings account if I am on the negative list.
  20. The bank can pay my utang from my deposit with them without informing me.

still unsure of the answers? go ask.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Recovery Ward

Congratulations for having handled your Paranoia! It's time to move on.
And what is better to do it than to seek extra income. Care to share? Diskarte, Pilipinas! was created especially for this.
Let us bury the past.