Friday, April 24, 2009

The Court Is My Friend

He who has less in life should have more in law
- President Ramon Magsaysay

Often times, we allowed ourselves to be shouted upon, pagagalitan,threatened,pinapahiya,trampled upon, and
eventually lose our self-respect and dignity, not for us
alone, but also our parents,wife,husband,officemates
and even our innocent children.
We plead,we argue,explain,even paying our last peso
- all because we are afraid that they will sue us.

Maling akala pala!

Dare the bluff.Let us meet them in court instead.
It's actually the best option we can have.

1. To finally put a stop to these humiliations and harassments
by these abusive collectors who act as if they own us.
Ano pang legal ek-ek ang masasabi nila after the dare?

2. It means any negotiation is formal,legal and appropriate.
Remember the last time we paid, out of fear, then learn later
on that our utang pala simply did not move at all?

3. Our debt will be rationalized - The court,for several times,has
ruled against those "excessive,unconscionable and exorbitant,
hence,contrary to public morals" charges including 25% attorney's
fees,42%p.a. interest, 60%p.a. penalty, absurd over-the-limit fees, etc...

4. Repayment would be more practical - pay what we can afford, not
what is forced upon us.

5. Less expensive,as most cases would fall under Small Claims Courts

6. Lastly, lawyers are not allowed!

The following issues hopefully will be resolved:
1. Is it true that you have an utang? Yes
2. Is it fair? No
3. Do you have money/properties to pay? No

case dismiss.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Art Of Negotiation

Collectors use intimidation to win. They will cite legal ek-ek,
pretend to be somebody they are not,even tell you "Ang Utang
Ay Dapat Bayaran"(same stuff often justified by those pseudo
moralist in our midst) - no matter if you die or where you get
the money to pay them.
The goal is to overpower and instill fear to debtors.
This seems to work most of the time until you somehow reaches
this blog, and viewpoints change.

The collector calls.
You negotiate to pay P 500.00 per month ( weak position )
The collector says NO. "We will sue you" ( strong position)

A better way to negotiate is to:


The collector calls.
You negotiate to pay in full but with 50% discount of the P100,000.00
NEXT MONTH ( strong position )
The collector says yes due to commission.( weak position)

He calls after one month.
You inform him you only got P40,000.00. Can he wait until
you can come up with P 50,000.00? ( strong position )
Collector agrees to accept the P40,000.00 payment anyway
( Take it or leave it. he needs his commission NOW)

Moral of the Story:

Negotiate from your strong points;
never on your weaknesses.

your account may no longer be existing with the bank.

Bankard '08 income soars to P276.1M
..mainly due to one-time boosts from the sale of its shares
in Visa, Inc. Also, its collection from fully provisioned and previously
written off credit card receivables rose by 13.2% to P98.6 million from P87.1 million

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ang Utang Dapat Bayaran O Dapat Nga Ba?

It's Holy Week. Maybe, you can reflect on this statement,together
with the Collector.

The Collector says " You should pay. you used it"
The Self-righteous says " It's your moral obligation"

I ask:
"Even if I sell my soul to pay?"
"Even with a usurious rate of 60% interest,42% penalty plus 1/4 of
everything going to the lawyer who did nothing but harassed me?"
"Even if I paid already TRIPLE the amount of what I owe?"
"Even if my children will die of hunger?"
"Even if you bought trauma to my 5-year old kid by shouting at her,
made by 70 year old mother land in the hospital or nearly killed my
father with a nervous breakdown?

They say its my moral obligation.
And what they do are morally right?

I remember that it was the priests who sent Jesus to the cross.
I remember it was the priests who betrayed the revolution in Noli.

Is morality only for me and not for you?
Does one has the monopoly of Morality?