Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Labyrinth

Sarah Williams (Connelly) is a 15-year-old who loves reading -- and acting out -- fairy tales.

The movie opens with a scene of Sarah rehearsing lines from her book Labyrinth in a park. While trying to remember the final line of a speech in the book, she loses track of time, forgetting that she must babysit her infant half-brother, Toby.

fast forward

...He begins to cry; she remarks, "I wish the goblins would come and take you away...right now". Toby suddenly stops crying. Worried, Sarah enters his room, to find that Toby has vanished.

Jareth, the King of Goblins (Bowie) has taken the baby, gives her 13 hours in which to solve his great maze, called the Labyrinth, and find Toby. If she fails, Jareth will change him into a goblin and keep him forever.

The Labyrinth is not a simple maze; the pathways and openings in the walls of the maze change from time to time, and are riddled with logic-puzzles and tests.
Sarah went thru the maze,and once, Jareth attempting to keep her until the 13th hour by dancing with her. She breaks free of his spell and makes her way into the castle beyond the goblin city with barely enough time to spare.

The film climaxes in Jareth's final appeal for her to abandon her quest and stay with him. She defeats him by reciting her monologue from the beginning of the movie, including the until then forgotten final line:

"You have no power over me".

The room crumbles away, whereupon Sarah finds herself in the front hall of her home with the clock striking midnight and the barn owl (Jareth) flying away.Toby has returned home.

Sounds familiar?

courtesy of Wikipedia

Friday, December 5, 2008

Economic Sabotage

By: Socred - B.A., SCMP

Douglas's ideas on economic sabotage are essential in understanding his belief that the current economic system is producing nowhere near capacity, and that the price of goods for sale could be reduced significantly. Often, economists will criticize Douglas's theories by pointing out that there is not this pool of unused capacity that Douglas claimed. Some Social Crediters have even stated that Douglas's comments about the unused capacity in the economy were merely specific to a period of severe depression. The purpose of this essay is to show that the unused capacity is being used up through the superflous production of products that nobody needs or desires, and is part of what Douglas coined "economic sabotage".

The concept of economic sabotage is essential to understanding Social Credit, and Douglas commented on it in his first article to appear in the New Age:

"The economic effect of charging all the waste in industry to the consumer so curtails his purchasing power that an increasing percentage of the product of industry must be exported. The effect of this on the worker is that he has to do many times the amount of work which should be necessary to keep him in the highest standard of living, as a result of an artificial inducement to produce things he does not want, which he cannot buy, and which are of no use to the attainment of his internal standard of well-being." (C.H. Douglas, "A Mechanical View of Economics")

Douglas defined wealth as personal well-being. And if the purpose of production is consumption, then the only purpose of production is to increase our well-being. Goods and services which do not enhance our well-being are merely a waste. However; as Douglas states, all waste in industry must be charged to the consumer, since the consumer ultimately pays for everything. The fact that the consumer has to pay for all waste in industry diminishes his purchasing power in relation to the things he does need or desire. Consequently; there is a great deal of unused capacity in the economic system which is being wasted on producing things that the consumer does not need or desire but simply exists in order to distribute income. We have been hypnotized into believing that you must produce a chia pet in order to eat a steak, but in reality, what you need to produce in order to eat a steak is steak, and the production of the chia pet actually diverts resources away from the production of steak. The fact that people claim that Douglas overstated his price rebate is due to this hypnotic effect.

As Douglas stated in "Credit-Power and Democracy":

"The enormous increase of sabotage of all descriptions which is the outstanding feature of contemporary industry is due to the blind effort to equate purchasing-power to production without altering the principles of price-fixing" (C.H. Douglas, "Credit Power and Democracy" pge 18)

Only through price fixing via a price rebate can the increasing sabotage in industry be curtailed. This is due to the fact that a price rebate mechanism allows the consumer to control industry. No longer would it be necessary to produce all sorts of wasteful products which nobody wants or needs, and industry's efforts can be adjusted to producing the things that increase the consumers well-being. Instead of production for the sake of distributing income, or for its own sake, we would have production for the sake of increasing our true wealth. The enormous scale of this industrial sabotage is hard to understand, because we have been hypnotized into believing that all production is necessary, but this is only true if consumers controlled production.

There can be no better elaboration on the scale of economic sabotage in our current economic system than in Douglas's book "Economic Democracy", so it is reproduced below:

"But it may be advisable to glance at some of the proximate causes operating to reduce the return for effort ; and to realise the origin of most of the specific instances, it must be borne in mind that the existing economic system distributes goods and services through the same agency which induces goods and services, i.e., payment for work in progress. In other words, if production stops, distribution stops, and, as a consequence, a clear incentive exists to produce useless or superfluous articles in order that useful commodities already existing may be distributed. This perfectly simple reason is the explanation of the increasing necessity of what has come to be called economic sabotage ; the colossal waste of effort which goes on in every walk of life quite unobserved by the majority of people because they are so familiar with it ; a waste which yet so over-taxed the ingenuity of society to extend it that the climax of war only occurred in the moment when a culminating exhibition of organised sabotage was necessary to preserve the system from spontaneous combustion.

The simplest form of this process is that of " making work " ; the elaboration of every action in life so as to involve the maximum quantity and the minimum efficiency in human effort. The much- maligned household plumber who evolves an elaborate organisation and etiquette probably requiring two assistants and half a day, in order to " wipe " a damaged water pipe, which could, by methods with which he is perfectly familiar, be satisfactorily repaired by a boy in one-third the time ; the machinist insisting on a lengthy apprenticeship to an unskilled process of industry, such as the operation of an automatic machine tool, are simple instances of this. A little higher up the scale of complexity comes the manufacturer who produces a new model of his particular speciality, with the object, express or subconscious, of rendering the old model obsolete before it is worn out. We then begin to touch the immense region of artificial demand created by advertisement ; a demand, in many cases, as purely hypnotic in origin as the request of the mesmerised subject for a draught of kerosine. All these are instances which could be multiplied and elaborated to any extent necessary to prove the point. In another class comes the stupendous waste of effort involved in the intricacies of finance and book-keeping ; much of which, although necessary to the competitive system, is quite useless in increasing the amenities of life ; there is the burden of armaments and the waste of materials and equipment involved in them even in peace time ; the ever-growing bureaucracy largely concerned in elaborating safeguards for a radically defective social system ; and, finally, but by no means least, the cumulative export of the product of labour, largely and increasingly paid for by the raw material which forms the vehicle for the export of further labour.

All these and many other forms of avoidable waste take their rise in the obsession of wealth defined in terms of money ; an obsession which even the steady fall in the purchasing power of the unit of currency seems powerless to dispel ; an obsession which obscures the whole object and meaning of scientific progress and places the worker and the honest man in a permanently disadvantageous position in comparison with the financier and the rogue. It is probable that the device of money is a necessary device in our present civilisation ; but the establishment of a stable ratio between the use value of effort and its money value is a problem which demands a very early solution, and must clearly result in the abolition of any incentive to the capitalisation of any form of waste.

The tawdry " ornament," the jerry-built house, the slow and uncomfortable train service, the unwholesome sweetmeat, are the direct and logical consummation of an economic system which rewards variety, quite irrespective of quality, and proclaims in the clearest possible manner that it is much better to " do " your neighbour than to do sound and lasting work. The capitalistic wage system based on the current methods of finance, so far from offering maximum distribution, is decreasingly capable of meeting any requirement of society fully. Its very existence depends on a constant increase in the variety of product, the stimulation of desire, and in keeping the articles desired in short supply." ( C.H. Douglas, "Economic Democracy" pge 74-78)

As Douglas states, we must abolish any incetive to the capitalization of waste. Social Crediters envision a new society, where wasted effort is no longer rewarded. It is waste, or economic sabotage, that accounts for the vast difference in current financial prices and those proposed by a Social Credit rebate system. Economists are so blind to the forms of waste that exist in our economy that they cannot see the vast pool of unused capacity that could be diverted to the production of goods and services that actually increase our well-being. Further, the beneficial effects of this policy to our environment would be immense.

The fact that so much sabotage exists in our current economic system is due to the fact that we make scarcity a value. Orthodox economics is the "science" of scarcity, or the "allocation of scarce resources", whereas, Social Credit is the science of abundance, or the distribution of abundant resources. It is primarily due to the fact that our current economic arrangement in terms of prices rewards scarcity that businesses actually pursue it as a policy. The object of business is to deliver the minimum amount of product for the maximum price. A smart businessman seeks to control prices through monopoly control of the industry in which he is engaged. While markets which exhibit attributes of perfect competition do exist (especially in commodity markets), the whole purpose of advertising and packaging is to differentiate product enough to give a business some degree of monopoly control over prices (i.e. "monopolistic competition). Douglas noted this fact in his testimony before the Select Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce.

"Well, to return to what I was saying. Modern business is practically based on the creation of a scarcity of value. The whole efforts of general business communities are to be able to control prices to such an extent that you get the maximum price for the minimum delivery. Taking it collectively that is the basis of the whole thing, and is, according to the rules of the game, perfectly legitimate. Your object in business at the present time is to make money. It is not to deliver goods. The delivery of goods is incidental to the making of money, and if you can deliver fewer goods for more money then that is sound business, and the banker is a sound business man." (C.H. Douglas, testimony before the Select Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce)

Businesses produce in order to earn a profit, and if it is profitable for them to increasingly engage in economic sabotage, they will continue to do so. However; through the price rebate mechanism, businesses will find it profitable to increase the distribution of goods and services that people desire, and they will increasingly engage in these activities. Douglas didn't claim that the price rebate could be as high as 75% because he was an dreamer; he was an engineer, and a pragmatist. Douglas saw the immense waste in industry which most of us fail to see because he was able to dehypnotize himself of what he called the "black magic" of finance. Remove this waste which is charged to the consumer, and prices could be reduced significantly. The first step in this process is to understand that money is not a commodity which is scarce, but merely a ticketing system which enables the efficient distribution of production.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Used It ; We Should Pay It

Comment No. 1

...pero banker, wag po kayong mmagaglit ha, kasi base sa aking obserbasyon parang tinuturuan nio ang mga tao na wag bayaran ang utang,wag intindihin, pabayaan lang,comment ko lang po sa lahat ng nagbabasa ng colum na ito, lahat po tayo may problema kaso sana icipin din po natin na utang po iyun na dapat po din nating bayaran,kasi ginamit po natin yun,nakatulong din po iyun.wat im trying to say is dapat nasa plano din natin na bayarn ang ating mga utang, hindi nga lang sa ngayun kundi balang araw kung saan kaya na natin i-budget base sa ating income..
Thursday, October 30, 2008 8:02:00 PM PHT

Comment No. 2
hi banker...after reading all ur comments and answers, i just thought that 1 lang ang tnutumbok nyong answer na OK lang mangutang kahit d k na magbayad?..lalo n sa mga CC...tama po ba?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 3:21:00 PM PHT


The bank ( especially COLLECTORS) responsible for these unconscionable lending practices takes refuge under religiously-mandated self-sacrifice to atone for the sin of borrowing unwisely. But lending money under this situation has in fact incurred the ire of the Prophets:

Ezekiel 18:13
“Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him.”

Many has fallen into this trap.
"I want to pay because I used it".
who is collecting? the bank? nope. Its the collector, who would harassed you to get their commission.
If the bank has forgiven you,the collectors wont, for reason of greed - Hey, its not even their money you owe. Would you be willing to pay your neighbor instead just because you owe money from the bank?

" Anak, 'wag ka muna mag-enroll,kasi I have to pay our debts"
" Anak, sorry, la tayo ulam ngayon, kasi binayad ko sa COLLECTOR!"

If you can live with that, go ahead. Prioritize their greed instead of your need.
all because of PRIDE.

Try negotiating with the Collectors and you will understand what I mean.

Debt is a humbling, not humiliating, experience.

Hinde po ako galit. I just pity the children.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

1st EB Convention

Definitely one of the happiest moments of my life meeting and seeing you all for the first time looking less worried! Worth waking up early morning at 3am for my flight and being sleepless in over 24 hours for my return flight back home! Enjoyed every minute with you

To Ms Hopeful,our coordinator and the EB girls/Secretariat - Arvee,Dalja,Jinky Louisse,Sharon& Weng (in alphabetical order)

For those who were not able to make it:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sir, Bakit Po Kayo Nagagalit?

A collector called, only to say those nasty things about me being a "bad" debtor, kapal ng mukha,etcetera,etcetera,and,etcetera.

Instead of crossing his verbal path, I deflected back what he was saying. Like an innocent and in a childlike voice I asked him - "Sir,bakit po kayo nagagalit?"

From that moment on ,he was giving me all the excuses and did all the explaining to
me, instead of me explaining why I cannot pay.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Paranoia and Common Sense

Fear can be described by different terms in accordance with its relative degrees. Fear covers a number of terms - worry, fright, paranoia.
Paranoia is a term used to describe a psychosis of fear, related to perception of being persecuted-Guilt. This perception often causes one to change their normal behavior in radical ways, after time their behavior may become extremely compulsive.
Mind goes numb. The sight of a lion mesmerizes the deer; it is transfixed, forgets galloping and gets killed. People lose common sense.

Did you remember the last time collectors sent an SMS saying you have a warrant of arrest? You froze. It never entered into your mind that if they inform you before hand, IF IT IS TRUE, di natago ka na?
They will file a case, they will imprison you! Really? There are 500,000 accounts out there, would you know what will happen if they file 500,000 cases and imprison all of them?
Note: As of May 2008 the country’s jail population is 61,025.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who Are The Scam Artists?

They pretend. In fact, gugulatin ka nila about legal terms
(without themselves understanding the meaning).You become
defensive, believing they can control your life,just because
you have an utang.
Who are they?

Tip:they are at our wordpress site.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Me, A Criminal?

I often read about collectors informing Credit Card borrowers about RA8484, for not being able to pay, they are ‘defrauding creditors” kuno


CRIMINAL charges were filed yesterday against two men believed to be part of a syndicate scamming credit card firms through fake applications.

Mr. X & Mr. Y were charged with violations of Republic Act (RA) 8484, which regulates the issuance of access devices like credit cards and prohibits its fraudulent use.

RA 8484 defines the crime as “the use of falsified document, false information, fictitious identities and addresses, or any form of false pretense or misrepresentation” in the application of an access device.

This is giving misleading information. Simply transferring residence is not misleading them, hence, not subject of RA 8484. The important word there is “surreptitiously”

originally published under our wordpress site;
republished here due to increased requests

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Financial Marathon

It's a never ending chase towards " FULL PAYMENT "

Every month, you pay P 1,000.00 because :

-It's all I can afford
(then prioritize your family needs first)
-To show willingness to pay
(they dont care ; they'll even demand for MORE)
- To stop the harassment
(sorry to disappoint you,but it won't,it will in fact just intensify)
- They told me so
(and you believed them?)

But your interest and penalty charges alone amounts to P 2,000.00

STOP. Beijing Olympics is over. but your payment wont.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Debt

Debt is a humbling, not humiliating, experience.

The Credit Card Grief

Credit Card Grief
(Based on Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross’ Five Stages of Grief)

1. I Can Still Pay.

A conscious or unconscious refusal to accept reality relating to the situation concerned.
It's a defense mechanism and perfectly natural.

2. Why Do I Have To Lose My Job At This Time?

Angry with themselves, and/or with others, especially those close to
them.Knowing this helps keep detached and non-judgmental when
experiencing the anger of someone who is very upset
(e.g. parent/husband/wife)

3. Can I Only Pay What I Can Afford ?

"Can we still be friends?.." when facing a break-up. Bargaining
rarely provides a sustainable solution.
( Remember the “Amnesty Program”? )

4. They’re Going To Sue Me!

It's natural to feel sadness and regret, fear, uncertainty, etc.
It shows that the person has at least begun to accept the reality.

5. Go Ahead, Sue Me!

An indication that there is some emotional detachment and objectivity.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


According to Wikipedia, a virus is a sub-microscopic infectious agent (sounds familiar?) that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell. Therefore, the more you entertain and feed them, the more YOU get harassed.

Although viruses cause disruption of healthy homeostasis, resulting in disease, they may exist relatively harmlessly within an organism.
meaning,if you do not show fear

Often, a virus is completely eliminated by the immune system.
(remember Rule No. 5?)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Payroll Hold-Up

Hi Banker,
Almost 2 months nang nka hold ang salary ko sa Metrobank (payroll account). Accdg to them it is because of my past due sa Metrobank Credit Card. The money is there but I cant withraw it. 2 months narin ako nagtitiis to accumulate the amount of P30,000.00for my credit card. A Collection agent named Marvin Guttierez Mendoza of Domingo and Molaer Law Office keeps on harrassing me to pay the full amount kasi hindi daw mali-lift yun pag hold sa aking salary. He's insisting that I need to issue them an Authorization Letter to debit my Payroll Account. Anong pong gagawin ko?

Posted at : Collector’s Harassments
Friday, August 22, 2008 12:04:00 PM PHT

Card Agreement No. 19 ( DEFAULT)

The Card Member……hereby give MCC a general lien upon, and/or right of set-off, and/or right to hold and/or apply to the obligation herein all……balance of every deposit account……

(depriving you of your living)


a) Ruling of the Supreme Court
G.R. No. 135149 (Acol vs. Bankard)

Article 1306 of the Civil Code prohibits contracting parties from establishing stipulations contrary to public policy. The assailed provision was just such a stipulation. It is without any hesitation therefore that we strike it down.

b) Salaries and Wages cannot be subjected to Execution under the
Rules of Court even with a court decision, how much more in this

If they are putting your salary “on hold”:

- why cant they apply it to your obligation? Could it be putting on hold your salary is against the law in the first place?
- Why would the collector insist that you issue first an authorization for them to debit your account if what they are doing is really legal?
- is the collector, a 3rd party, duly authorized to even hold your account? . Here is what your agreement says :

" This Contract is between the cardholder and Metrobank Card Corp.....shall be binding only between these two...."

- Why can’t Metro Bank show you the “Underhold Notice”? Could there be some personal collusion between a bank staff and a collector?


1. Write a formal demand to the bank, via registered mail w/receipt, to release your payroll within five (5) days upon receipt unless they can show a proper court order.
2. File a formal complaint with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and Integrated Bar of the Phils. for unethical collection practices.
3. Go to PAO, Free legal aids groups, Gabriela, etc for legal advice or possible filing of an appropriate civil case against concerned parties with damages and injuries.
4.Arrange with your HR for possible transfer/exclusion of your account under payroll arrangement.

for more info, visit our CC university (wordpress site)
STATUS 08/28/08

Yesterday, I sent them an authorization letter to debit the amount of P20,000.00 kasi ayaw ko nang lumaki pa ang utang ko.Pumayag na'ko para matapos narin ang usapan. They're gonna send me a confirmation letter that I am fully paid na with my outstanding balance....

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Somebody sent me a message last Saturday:
"Banker, I borrowed 5/6 to pay the collector. Nakonsensya
kasi ako sa sinabi nya - kapal daw ng mukha ko, utang
ng utang, ayaw ko naman daw bayaran"

Scene I - Sa Bahay

" Anak, wala tayong ulam ngayon ha? binigay ko sa collector
ang pambili kasi na konsensya ako"

" at saka, yung tuition mo, hinde natin mababayaran na rin,
alam mo, na konsensya kasi ako sa utang sa credit card."

Scene II - Sa Bank

The Bank - its an inanimate object. It does not feel hunger.It does
not feel pain.In fact, it has no feelings at all.

Scene III - Sa Isang Hang-out

Mr. Collector and his gang are happily drinking and enjoying the night,
what with his unreported commission,may matching pulutan pa sila.

My friends,I dont think its konsensya. How about calling it
P R I D E ?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Collector's Harassments

If you think you have read all the harassment stories here, you
are wrong. This one tops it all to warrant a formal petition.

"One sad example was a collector's remark to a pregnant woman who
cannot pay - I think it is better that that child dies so that you
can pay your debt!"

Please help spread the word. The next victim could be your wife,
sister, mother, cousin, friend or neighbor.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Got Sued !

"Tsk.tsk..tsk.Can't believed I got sued. What now?
Banker, I thought they don't file cases?"

This is one of the posts I got. While many were not affected,some
actually did.Try to reflect on what's below
"From a distance it is something; and nearby it is nothing."
-- Jean de LaFontaine

Sign the petition at this URL

NOTE :There was a computer glitch when I sent the notice of the
Petition to some of you.


It does not also ask for ANY DONATION, simply your signature.

Animation courtesy of

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Suephobia - Fear of Getting Sued


The Bank will sue me because :

1.I have a big amount of cc debt with them. The bank assumes that I have the capacity to pay my cc debt. It would be a big loss for the bank if they could not collect payment from me. ikkin


The Bank will NOT sue me because :

1. my outstanding balance is very minimal compared to their litigation expenses. new daddy
2. "wala silang makukuha sa akin, maski manalo pa sila, wala rin, as banker said "phyrric victory" waste of time and money to them. ms. hopeful
3. there are a lot of new and promising accounts out there...
(figuratively and literally speaking)Chikit
4. my partner and I are not yet married so the bank cannot force him to pay what I owe them.Chikit
5. They wont bother with it, tax deductable naman yun e, so parang binayaran na sila ng gobyerno. Thanks GMA.reddragon
6. So i guess they know that it doesnt matter to me whatever they do to force me to pay ...hakuna matata
7.they're confused to file a case, i guess. carol
8.i have a six digit cc debt and its too big to simply fade away. but then again, there's ( our support group) nostradamus

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why Am I Doing This

I have been doing this stuff since 2004. Just knowing I was
of help is enough . Makes me feel good. Loosens me up in return.
Sort of therapy for stress.Just like what follows.

Here's an SMS I got early this morning today (July 31,2008)

Good Morning po Sir Rene, ako po c XXX d2 sa Saudi. nag-mail po ako sa iyo kahapon. Gusto ko lang uli mag-pasalamat sa inyo. bago ko ho
mabasa ang blogsite ninyo, halos mabliw ako sa kakaisip ngayon ho
balik na uli ang self-confidence ko. xxx
(other portions deleted)

I was just wondering, If you've been blessed by the blog, perhaps you can pick the P10.00 tab/child for the breakfast of the street children even for just one (1) day only? that may not be much for you but to them would already be a great help.

note: you know what happened, need I elaborate?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Trust But Verify

A caller identified himself as Mr. Collector.
"You owe the bank P 100,000.00" he tells you. " You should call Mr.
Fiscal at tel. no. 12345455 to STOP THE CASE." just like that? whew!

You readily called Mr. Fiscal. What does he tells you?
pay P 5,000.00 by Monday at this account number ( who's account?)

Which you complied naman.

After that, there is a "juicy" offer of P 50,000.00 if you pay by
end of the month.

Then, you received your monthly statement. states there P20,000.00
only. OMG! You believed him! What FAITH.
Instead of the juicy offer, you end up being milked.

Think like an auditor.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Gud Day, Sir Rene/Banker...Hope you still remember me. This is Six Cards. I've been so far living in some peace now. I think it's been 6 months since I last consulted you in this blog regarding my KAUTANGANZ.

At any rate, I just would like to share with our readers that I just came home from a 1-month vacation from the USA. Sobrang kinabahan ako, although I've been guided by my lawyer and by what Sir Rene has been posting here regarding hold-departure orders, kinabahan pa rin talaga ako na baka may sabit ang passport at US visa ko.

Awa ng Dyos, lusot sa immigration, at PARANG WALA AKONG UTANG.

Hope this enlightens everybody who have fears of traveling.

Note:This portion was deleted/edited
(For info of newbies/others who may not have read previous posts and background)

Back to work, back to reality. I did enjoy my "free" vacation (nilibre po ako ng Mom ko kaya takot na takot akong sumabit sa immigration dahil kasama ko cya at di nya alam, hehehe).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Facing Your Fears - Dead Collectors

Wala ako sa bahay, wala din sa office. Pinaputol ko na ang aming telephone, changed my cell phone number, I already resigned. wala na ako!.....
Isn't it time to face them?
They have " No Power Over Me", remember?

Collector : Pay-up or else we will file a case.
You : Sue Me
Collector : You will need a lawyer
You : Problema ko na yon.
Collector : We will take your things.
You : I can part with them.
Collector : I am giving you one week.
You : My answer is FINAL
Collector : We can give you an "amnesty " (starts to mellow...)
You : Ayaw ko.

see? huli mo ang weakness nila.
Patay si Credit Card Virus!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank You

Thank you for helping the street children

check diskarte bulletin

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Social Credit and Existentialism

By: Socred - B.A., SCMP

The opening to the Social Crediter states that this journal is for “Political and Economic Realism”. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate that the philosophy of Social Credit is not Realism, where truth is defined as conformity of thought with being. But that Social Credit is for “Political and Economic Existentialism”, where truth is “an objective uncertainty held fast in an appropriation-process of the most passionate inwardness”(Soren Kierkegaard, Concluding Unscientific Postscript pge. 182). It is my view that Social Crediters adopted the philosophy of Realism in opposition to the philosophy of Idealism, thereby erroneously believing that they had overcome abstractionist thought. However; as Kierkegaard said, "let ideality and reality be in conflict forever and a day - as long as there is no consciousness, no interest, no consciousness that has an interest in this struggle, there is no doubt - but let them be reconciled, and doubt can continue just as actively." (Soren Kierkegaard, Philosophical Fragments) Ideality and reality will never be reconciled in human consciousness where the possibility of doubt exists. In reality, realism does not negate abstractionist thought, but is merely another form of it.

"All progress in the world, and in some ways the world has unquestionably made progress, has been achieved by the recognition of the TRUTH, and the reason that so little progress has been made in the solution of social problems is, to my mind, because in this sphere alone truth has been ignored or denied." (Speech by Major C.H. Douglas at "The New Age" Dinner, March 18, 1933.) But what is the truth? If the truth is defined as conformity of thought with being, then the truth becomes an approximation-process that can never be completed in time. This is due to the fact that “all understanding comes after the fact”. (Soren Kierkegaard, Concluding Unscientific Postscript pge 108) However; the individual is always in the process of becoming and as such is always incomplete. For the existing individual, there can be no finality. With this in mind, “then it will be evident that the idea of a persistent striving is the only view of life that does not carry with it an inevitable disillusionment. (Soren Kierkegaard, Concluding Unscientific Postscript pge 110) The idea that truth is conformity of thought with being must inevitably bring disillusionment as we are forever waiting for “the truth to be revealed”. The TRUTH that Douglas refers to cannot be defined by philosophical Realism, but must be something else, since Douglas, and Social Crediters, would not want us to be disillusioned.

Douglas said that;“Systems were made for men, and not men for systems, and the interest of man which is self development, is above all systems, whether theological, political or economic.”(C.H. Douglas “Economic Democracy” pge 18). In my opinion, this statement is the essence of Social Credit philosophy and contradicts the tenets of Realism, because “the systemic Idea is the identity of subject and object, the unity of thought and being. Existence, on the other hand, is their separation. It does not by any means follow that existence is thoughtless; but it has brought about, and brings about, a separation between subject and object, thought and being. (Soren Kierkegaard, Concluding Unscientific Postscript pge 112) If Social Credit is for Realism, and the idea that the truth is conformity of thought with being, or subject and object, then men must be made for systems, since the essence of the systemic Idea is conformity of thought with being. In other words, we must either accept the idea that the philosophy of Social Credit is Realism, and reject that systems were made for men, or we must reject the philosophy of Realism, and look for the truth somewhere else. "An existential system cannot be formulated. Does this mean that no such system exists? By no means; nor is this implied in our assertion. Reality itself is a system - for God; but it cannot be a system for any existing spirit. System and finality correspond to one another, but existence is precisely the opposite of finality." (Soren Kierkegaard, Concluding Unscientific Postscript pge 107) Realism, and the finality of the correspondence between thought and being exists for God, but cannot exist for us spirits who exists in time, and are always in the process of becoming.

What is it to exist as a spirit? "Spirit is creative initiative." (Why I am a Social Crediter, Bryan Monahan pge. 9), and further, "spirit is inwardness, inwardness is subjectivity, subjectivity is essentially passion, and in its maximum an infinite, personal, passionate interest in one's eternal happiness." (Concluding Unscientific Postscript pge 33) Therefore, spirit is not a form of objective knowledge which is essentially dispassionate, but is the ultimate form of passion for one's own eternal happiness. Man is essentially creative, and his creativity is a result of his passions. All systems seek to control man's passions, to destroy his creative nature, so that he may fit into the system. "It is, you see, a "live" problem, a spiritual problem, which is a conclusion that we Social Crediters have to some extent avoided, for the reason that, as a class, we possess that trained cast of mind that is intensely apprehensive of emotional excess." (Social Credit and the Christian Ethic Norman F. Webb) In other words, it is an "existential" problem, and a spiritual problem, which is something that the objective mind finds repulsive. This is not to say there is no value in scientific or "objective" knowledge. "No, all honor to the pursuits of science, and all honor to everyone who assists in driving the cattle away from the sacred precincts of scholarship. But the ethical is and remains the highest task for every human being. One may ask even of the devotee of science that he should acquire an ethical understanding of himself before he devotes himself to scholarship, and that he should continue to understand himself ethically while immersed in his labours; because the ethical is the very breath of the eternal, and constitutes even in solitude the reconciling fellowship with all men." (Soren Kierkegaard, Concluding Unscientific Postscript pge 136) The scientist is not dispassionate about his work (one would hope!), even if he must not let his passions interfere with his observations or judgement. The doctor seeks a cure for cancer because he is passionate about saving lives! Douglas made observations in regards to economics and the monetary system because he wanted to better mankind! It is first and foremost an ethical decision which brings doctors to seek a cure for cancer, or brings Douglas to seek a better understanding of the monetary system.

The ethical decision is made by individuals through free will, and our ability to choose between good and evil. As Douglas said, "freedom is the ability to choose or refuse one thing at a time". Ethical man is constantly in the process of choosing between good and evil as he exists in time. Socialists believe that man is essentially evil, and will choose evil unless bound by the "laws" of an imposed system. This belief is also expressed in the theology of Puritanism. "Puritanism, as I said, is of the devil, clothing the very deepest and darkest passion of the human mind--the impulse to dominate over one's fellow mortals--in a moral disguise" Social Credit and the Christian Ethic Norman F. Webb) Social Crediters believe that man is essentially good, and given the freedom and subsequent responsibility to choose between good and evil, man will generally choose to do good. As Douglas said, it is " the object of Christ, to permit the emergence of self-governing, self-conscious individuals, exercising free will, and choosing good because it is good." (C.H. Douglas The Realistic Position of the Church of England) In order to maximize the good decisions that responsible individuals will make, we must allow them freedom to exercise their will, and make them responsible for the decisions that they make. Economic and political systems must first serve the individual, for the individual must never exist to serve the system. "The fundamental idea underlying Social Credit is that the community exists for the sake of the individual; that the development of industrial organization is for the sake of freeing the individual to the maximum practical extent from occupying his time in working in order to exist." (Bryan Monahan, “Why I am a Social Crediter”) It is individuals who comprise the community, and if they are making choices which are good for themselves, then generally these choices will be good for the community at large. If the existing individual is the vehicle through which good and evil comes into the world, we must seek the truth in the individual, and not in the objective correspondence between idea and being which exists only in God.

What is the truth? This question could not even be asked if it were not for the possible existence of untruth. It is human consciousness that brings the question of truth into existence because the essence of knowledge is doubt. However; doubt itself cannot lead to the truth, but only the question of the truth. Descartes' doubt led him to conclude "I think therefore I am", but this in an inversion of reality and the essence of idealism, for in reality "I am therefore I think". Truth is not to be found in doubt, but in existence itself. "For since it is a fact that the nearest the human mind and language can get to a statement of Truth is a paradox -- "For whosoever will save his life, shall lose it," and many others -- it is quite probable that the approach to a practical problem, even our very actions themselves, may require to be in a sense paradoxical in order to be sound. (Social Credit and the Christian Ethic Norman F. Webb) Because humans can never be the conformity of thought with being, any statement of Truth must appear to be a paradox, because the truth is not objectively known, but subjectively lived. "Inwardness in an existing subject culminates in passion; corresponding to passion in the subject the truth becomes a paradox; and the fact that the truth becomes a paradox is rooted precisely in its having a relationship to an existing subject." ( Soren Kierkegaard, Concluding Unscientific Postscript pge 178) The truth is that man is an ethical being who exists in time, meaning that the conformity between thought and being can never be resolved within him; however, through free will he is forced to choose between good and evil in a passionate embrace through faith that Truth is a paradox. The ultimate form of this paradox is that God, the eternal, existed in time in the persona of Jesus Christ. The doctrine of Incarnation is what presents itself as an absurdity to the Greeks and an offense to the Jews. “It is not too much to say that one of the root ideas through which Christianity comes into conflict with the conceptions of the Old Testament and the ideals of the pre-Christians era, is in respect of this dethronement of abstractionism.” (C.H. Douglas, Social Credit pge 22) The dethronement of abstractionism is not found in the conformity of thought with being, which is the essence of the systemic Idea, but in existence itself which holds that the truth is "an objective uncertainty held fast in an appropriation-process of the most passionate inwardness, the highest truth attainable for an existing individual." ( Soren Kierkegaard, Concluding Unscientific Postscript pge 182)

Realism, or the idea that truth is the conformity of thought with being, is, ironically, unrealistic because it can only be realized by God. Existentialism, which concludes that conformity of thought and being can never be realized for an existing individual, is more realistic than the philosophy of Realism. Social Credit, in order to protect itself from rationalization of the system, and to uphold the belief than systems were made for men, must reject the philosophy of realism, and accept the philosophy of existentialism, because "an existential system cannot be formulated"( Soren Kierkegaard, Concluding Unscientific Postscript pge 107). Idealism, which seeks the conformity of reality with thought, and realism, which seeks the conformity of thought with reality are in essence two sides of the same coin, and both are the essence of the systemic Ideal. I believe that existentialism, which rejects all systemic thought, and begins with the questions of what it is to exist as a human consciousness in time is in actuality the beginning point for a Social Credit philosophy, because in essence it represents the ideals of the society Social Credit seeks to create which is that systems were made for man.

Poll Results - "My Fears"

Having A Case 26 (44%)

Visit - Office/House 18 (31%)

Love Ones Harassments 20 (34%)

Others 1 (1%)

La Na Ako Fears !! 8 (13%)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Utang & Fraud

DEBT - A sum of money due by certain and express agreement.
Debts are discharged principally by cash payment.Other
form is via payments in kind and write-offs.
SWINDLE - To obtain money or property by false pretenses and fraudulent acts
(estafa) by:
- using fictitious name, or falsely pretending circumstances
- post-dating a check, or issuing a check in payment of an obligation

The Collection Agency is only that - a COLLECTION agency. they are not a litigation company. The bank hires them primarily to collect,for a fee, accounts classified as "loss" and not to file cases left and right.

If ever they say you are guilty of fraud,maybe you can turn the table on them:
utang, yes. fraud? Nah..... sila yung mahilig mag-pretend to be from the court, SPO1 or worst, an attorney.So, who's guilty now?
(except if you issue PDCs - it falls under BP 22)

Monday, June 30, 2008

A Pyrrhic Victory

1. The bank files a complaint with the court.Pays filing
fees,transportation expenses and meal allowances ni attorney.
(they cant do it pag over 10 years na ang account mo)
2. After maybe a month, the case is raffled-off to a certain
judge to handle ( hinde po automatic yan gaya ng sinasabi ni
3. After maybe a month, the Judge issues a summons for you
to answer the complaint within 15 days upon receipt, in
order to hear your side.
(YOUR DISKARTE NOW. hayaan mo na lang ba or palaban ka?)
(the decision is always " You Pay" anyway )
4. After another month, you file a "Motion for extension to file answer"
kasi la ka pa abogado or si katulong nakalimutan ibigay sa yo ang summons.
('wag lang sumobra sa deadline ha?)
5. After another month (again!)the judge grants you another 15 days.
6. After another month again (!), your lawyer files for another
"Motion For Extension To File Answer" kasi ngayon lang niya nabasa
ang complaint.
7. After another month, the lawyer( FINALLY) answers the complaint,
asks the court to refer the issue for mediation.
(unless he files again another Motion for Extension for some reason)
8. After another month,sa pre-trial, you will appear (FINALLY)before
the Judge, even without a lawyer, for the initial stage of the
Mediation Process
(or you can even file ANOTHER "Motion For Postponement" - you are
undergoing surgery, prior important appointment like US Embassy interview?)
9. Mediation process ensues for three months?
"I can only pay P500.00 a month"
" I do not want to pay their excessive interests"

By now, this case has already drag for One(1) year!

After one year.... sad, but mediation fails.
The Judge handles the mediation.
another three months, perhaps? Still no deal.

10.Then, another Judge ay hahawakan na ang case(AT LAST).

After another three months....oops, nakalimutan ng court!
so the complainant will have to file a motion to set the case
for hearing? hmmmm.......

This is just the first phase.
maraming combinations pa ito.

Postponements after postponements. FINALLY (I hope this is the last)
the Judge hands down the decision.
" You Pay " ( but of course!)

Nope. This is not the end yet.
Complainant now has to file a " Motion To Execute Judgment" in order
that the Sheriff (whom complainant has to pay also)can look for your
assets. Otherwise, the decision will remain just like that
- a paper decision.

The Sheriff will then get your electric fan with your name prominently
etched on it?that's preposterous! He has to sell to convert it to cash
pa. What will the bank do with an electric fan? cheap naman nila.Bili
na lang tayo ng bago - made in China - mura pa.
Then, kung may sobra sa proceed ng auction sale, soli pa yung sukli mo!

The sheriff's Return(report)FINALLY (oh no, not that word again!)is filed:
" No assets can be found "

The bank wins the case. Gets nothing.
A Pyrrhic victory, indeed.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Approved Therapeutic Claim

originally published May 31,2007

April 25,2008
Hi Rene:
I hope it's okay to call you by your first name :)

Anyway, I just want to share something to you. I am a bit shy about
posting this at our yahoogroup. I would not mind if you post it
though (without my name or email please)

A letter arrived from a collection agency (xxxxxxxx Credit and
Collection Services). This letter just proves that there is indeed


Dear Sir/Madam:

One of our objectives is to help you ease the burden of carrying your
accountabilities. Thus, Credit Card Company is offering you a special
discount on your Credit Card with account number XXXXXXXXXXXXX,
which is now long overdue and demandable.

Your balance as of April 16,2008 is PhP54,127 but through this special
discount, you can now avail of the final settlement amount of
PhP36,217 as full payment of your outstanding obligation until
April 25, 2008.

If you wish to avail........ Blah blah blah

Very truly yours,

Mae xxxxxx


This is what is FUNNY. I received my statement of account dated
April 20,2008 which indicated that my outstanding balance is at
PHP36,344.I do not know if the collection agency has been advised
that I am still receiving a monthly bill despite the fact that my
account has been suspended.

You are right! There is no AMNESTY PROGRAM! :)

The Harassment Process - The Visit

1. Don’t let them in; they might be holduppers for all you know.Ask for proper court orders
(See Rule 113 ( Arrests); Rule 126 (Search Warrants) of the Rules of Court)

2. Ask, politely and calmly, for supporting documents ( that is SOP)
a.any identification
b.authority to represent the collection agency
c.the authorized signatory of the collection agency
d.authority to represent the bank (Collection Agreement)
e.Bank’s Board Resolution appointing them as such
f.authorized signatory for the bank, duly notarized
g.Latest Statement of Account showing what you owe
b.SOA duly certified correct by the bank ( not them)

If they cannot produce ALL OF THE ABOVE, they are not authorized and are merely posing as representatives for the purpose of...tadah.... FRAUD. simply extortion.

3. If you’re in the office, tell the receptionist or the guards not to let them, if possible. you got so many reasons for that:
– "It’s against company’s policy to entertain personal visits during office hours",
"We’re having a meeting"
"The person you are looking don’t want to see you,"

If they insist, see no. 2 above.

4. If they are ever successful, don’t ever listen to anything they say nor sign anything. They got really nothing to say which you did not know already.Dont sign ANYTHING, even those "Amnesty Program" with offers "good until today only". Imagine signing your own death sentence?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Takot Kami

We often allow ourselves to be harassed, humiliated and fooled by these collectors. Worse,even our love ones ay SINISIGAWAN pa nila! Why? all because we are afraid that they will file a case against us and all those legal threats and ek-ek we innocently believe right away - kesyo may court case na nai-file na, si Sheriff Purontong will go to our house, Si Atty. Ilad (bisaya ni)can stop the case if you call him, you will be jailed and a lot of panloloko.

They Won't ; They Cant.
IF EVER, you will get a far BETTER DEAL in court than what they are demanding from you now.

YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME! Say that before every meal - YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!

Sue Me!
to cut the long story short.
When you say those MAGIC WORDS, they will try to discourage you :
hanap ka na ng abogado mo ( I already did)
we will go to your house ( if you can show a court order)
we will go to your office ( just ensure you have a bank authorization)
we will get your things ( that's Robbery! kulong ka niyan.)
we will do this, we will do that ( still trying to fool me? no way, Jose)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Raket ( Caveat Part II)

sabi pa ng ex officemate ko na ex kolektor ang raket nila noon pag may natakot sila at nagbayad binibigyan nila ng ibang resibo they managed to create a resibo na mukhang official un ang binibigay nila sa nagbayad (kawawang defaulter!) tpos pagdating nila sa office at tinanong sila ni lawyer kung may nasingil sila ang sagot nila: WALA!!!

Sabi nga nya sken wag ako magbabayad sa kolektor kase malakas ang chances na di naman nila nireremit yun binayad mo. Worst case scenario, nangutang ka ng pambayad sa kolektor, si kolektor na corrupt kinupit bayad mo, si law firm gusto kumita ng pera binenta ung information mo sa ibang law firm.....may iba na naman kolektor na tatakot syo.

Saturday, June 14, 2008
4:48:00 AM PHT
Feeling Knowledgeable

Sunday, June 15, 2008

An Immoral Debt

Many times the Supreme Court has ruled that CC interest being charged is :

“excessive, iniquitous, unconscionable and exorbitant, hence, contrary to morals (”contra bonos mores”), if not against the law”

Since there is no longer a “Usury Law” to speak of, lenders and creditors are generally free to stipulate the interest rates to be imposed on debts. As a rule, the interest rate agreed by the creditor and the debtor is binding upon them. This rule, however, is not absolute but sadly, the court can only intervene if this issue is raised before them.

What about the Bible's view on this issue?

The bank responsible for these unconscionable lending practices takes refuge under religiously-mandated self-sacrifice to atone for the sin of borrowing unwisely. But lending money under this situation has in fact incurred the ire of the Prophets :

Ezekiel 18:13
“Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him.”

The debtor therefore who entered into such a one-sided arrangement in good faith need not feel that his inability to meet the agreement violates his duty as a Christian.

God has even given debtors a breathing space:

Deuteronomy 15:1-2
At the end of every seven-year period you shall have a relaxation of debts, which shall be observed as follows: Every creditor shall relax his claim on what he has loaned his neighbor; he must not press his neighbor, his kinsman, because a relaxation in honor of the LORD has been proclaimed“

He also frowns upon these oppressor-lenders:

Mt 18:21-35
‘You wicked servant! I forgave you all that debt because you besought me; and should not you have had mercy on your fellow servant, as I had mercy on you?’

And in anger his Lord delivered him to the jailers, till he should pay all his debt. So also my heavenly Father will do to every one of you, if you do not forgive your brother from your heart.”

Now, isn’t it comforting that even the Lord is on our side?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feeling Marunong

Anonymous said...
i just discovered this blog... basically this whole blog is saying:
"kapalan nyo nalang mukha nyo at hindi nyo na kelangan bayaran utang nyo."
as in "Collector's face"?

"it's ok to borrow money to live beyond your means coz u don't have to
pay back the money anyway."
Its ok to collect money that is not yours and feed your
family with blood money

"Ok lang mangutang at hindi magbayad... wala naman magagawa yung
mga nagpautang sayo e."
Ok lang mag-collect at hinde i-remit. walang magawa
yung naloko natin

"Look at us, we owe tons of money to a lot of people and we aren't
gonna pay them back. Haha suckers!"
Look at us, dami naming na loko

"Only losers pay their debts."
Only Frauds collect fraudulently

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Here's a look at how "confidence" not "meekness" works for you

...hehehe i've really learned a lot from this blog banker and i owe this to you. I really feel so much better now, no more fears despite the fact that i am not yet debt free but somehow i've learned how to handle this kind of situation.

Another incident just a while ago, an account officer from SCB called up looking for me. As usual, i pretended to be somebody else and used different name. Ito yung naging conversation namin.

Collector (C): Ms. Worried please

( Normally pag may maghahanap sa akin whether official business calls or not, pag ako nakareceive ng call palagi ko sinasabi she's out of the resort or office)

Me: Sorry ma'am she's out of the resort right now.

C : Saan ba siya nagpunta?
Me: She went out to government agencies for some official business.
C : Alam mo Ms. X since blah blah blah.... hindi na namin siya nakakausap. sa'ng govt agency ba siya nagpunta? (galit na galit na siya)
Me : Nagpunta siya sa PHIC, BIR, HDMF, SSS... do i have to enumerate pa ba yung itinerary nya ma'am?

C : Ano ba talaga position nya jan?
Me : HR Personnel Ma'am ( I didnt say my exact position title)
C : Eh ikaw ano ba position mo jan.
me : Payroll Officer Ma'am
C : under ka ba nya o same level lang kayo?
Me : same job level
C : alam mo palagi kami tumatawag jan pero ikaw palagi sumasagot ng calls, ikaw lang ba tao jan sa office mo. Nire-relay mo ba mga tawag ko sa kanya at bakit palagi siya out of the office.Pwede ba makuha cellphone number nya
Me : Hindi mo naman siguro pwede questionin yung trabaho ng tao, that's part of her job at wala ka na pakialam don. i can not give you her cell no. and it would be impossible if you dont have her cellphone number. tawagan mo nalang siya if you really want to talk to her kasi she's not in the office nga right now.

C; Yun nga ang problema kasi she's not answering her phone. Maraming beses na kaming tumatawag sa kanya pero panay ring lang yung phone nya.
Me : Well that's not my problem anymore. Hindi ko rin pwede utusan yung tao na she must answer her phone kasi it's personal nga. Tsaka it's her phone not mine.

C: (hala grabe super galit na si manang). ok i think she's hiding. Tell her that this is from the legal office and blah blah blah ( but she failed to mention the name of the bank so i interrupted)

Me : From what bank is this? (pero panay parin satsat nya. non-stop na yung bunganga nya so i said "hey, this is not a business call for Ms Worried nor for me, I am asking you what bank is this kasi ang dami mo ng satsat and im busy. How would i relay to her na tumawag ka na hindi mo pa nga sinasabi kung what bank are you representing)

C : This is from SCB masmaganda siguro kung yung boss nalang ni Ms Worried yung kakausapin ko. Sino ba ang may ari ng company nyo?

Me : The owner is in japan Ma'am baka gusto mo tawagan sa Japan office namin kasi don cya naka base hindi dito

C : Ok can i have the name and tel number
Me : Well im sorry Ma'am but im not in authority to disclose the owner's name and the office number.

C : ( grabe na talaga galit nya ) Ako ba Ms X niloloko mo? You want me to call the owner or Japan office but you are not giving me the number.

Me : Well ma'am binibigay ko lang sa'yo yung gusto mo mangyari. You said "I want to talk to the owner or Ms Worried's boss" then im telling you where's the owner. So what's the problem then? Am I not giving you a favor?

Hayun sa sobra galit nya binagsakan ako ng phone. hehehehe
Ang sarap din kung minsan mag entertain ng pikonin na collectors.

Posted by Ms.Worried
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 3:34:00 PM PHT

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Caveat !

When we are afraid, in love, too trusting or overwhelmed by problems, our brain shuts down our logical reasoning.So, take heed of those emotions.

2 wks ago I received a call from a J&T forwarding services, ang sabi may package daw ako from USA, sabi ko wala akong kilalang Tony Gao na magpapadala sa akin.Idedeliver lang daw the ff. wk yung package. Kinuha pa nila yung cell no.ko.

Then after a week nakareceived ako ng text msg na "1st last summon letter@XXX, plaintiff vs civil case no. XXXor?(preliminary attachment proptery) w/in 24 hrs @judge Manolo Francisco of RTC 32 subpoena will be served by sheriff escobar/spo2 ortis for violation of RA8484 FRAUDULENT ACT OF 199/CRIMINAL CASE ART 315 D RVSD PENAL CODE YOU ARE BEING SUMMONED TO APPEAR IN COURT FOR PRELIMINARY HEARING PLS CALL 02-xxx TO COORDINATE AND LOOK FOR RENE TIANGCO.

Na-shock ako kasi di ko alam na may case pala ako. Nagreply ako sabi ko wala akong alam tungkol sa case na ito. Sabi nung nagtext from RTC daw sya at tawagan ko daw si Rene Tiango ASAP. Di ko tinawagan yung binigay nyang no. nung May 19 ko nareceive yung txt.

Then ngayon May 29, may nareceive na call yung office mate ko from Police station daw SPO3 Gonzales at may complainant daw sa akin dun sa station at kailangan kong pumunta or tawagan ko sa cell yung babae. Ang ginawa nung office mate ko tinawagan nya yung binigay na no. at kinausap kung anong problm kasi wala pa nga ako sa office lunch brake kasi. Ang sabi daw nung babae kasi may case daw ako na fraudulent act akong ginawa at pati daw sa company namin. di naman sinabi anong klase yun.Sabi lang tawagan ko yung boss nya or sya para malaman ko. So, Syempre kinabahan ako bakit may police ng tumatwag.

Tinawagan ko yung no. at hinanap ko yung boss. Nung nakausap ko sabi ko wala akong narereceive na demand letter or subpoena man lang about the case. Sabi nya di daw ako nagbayad ng bankard ko mga 200,000 thousand pesos ngayon umaabot na sa 600,000. pesos. Nagulat talaga ako sabi ko matagal na yung bankard credit card ko siguro ten years ago na yun at ang natatandaan ko lang mga 10k lang yung di ko na settle at na di ako siningil.kaya akala ko wala na. yung di ko nabayaran pero di naman aabot sa ganung halaga. tsaka di naman ako lumipat ng bahay at nagresign from work nung mga panahon na yun.

Tapos tinanong nya kung may check ako at bayaran ko lang daw yung amt. Ano? sabi ko simpleng employee lang ako at wala akong ganung halaga. Basta sabi nya puntahan ko daw yung secretary nya dun sa police station para malaman ko yung complaint.Kung di ako pupunta ipapahold nya ako sa police at pupuntahan ako sa office.

ang ginawa ko pinatawagan ko sa Atty. namin yung nakausap kong lalaki na di naman pala atty. at ang sinabi lang naexplain na daw sa akin kung ano yun. Nung nakausap ko yung atty. namin puede akong di pumunta dunm pero para daw malaman ko talaga kung anong klaseng kaso yun punthan ko pero magpasama ako sa kapatid ko.

Kaya pumunta ako sa police station at nagtanong kung meron bang nagfile ng complaint sa akin, wala naman daw, sabi baka sa ibang police station kaya tumawag pa sa radio yung police kung meron sa ibang station pero negative naman.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Worse Nightmare

Gas prices going up daily that you want to kill yourself? It's nothing compared to the daily harassments CC victims experience. Here's the real worst nightmare:

HI everyone. I've been reading posts here and want to share my 2 cents.. I've been through a tedious court case involving a loan with usurious interest. It's now in CA on appeal by the other party claiming i need to pay principal + interest + compounded interests. My claim is to pay only the principal since we don't have any written agreement. Nanalo na ko sa RTC, so inelevate nila sa CA. Being involved in a case like this opened my eyes to our civil rights and legal rememdies available to people na nababaon sa utang. Believe me, DON'T GET INTIMIDATED BY THE PROSPECT OF BEING SUMMONED TO COURT. Judges favor mediation between parties. Pag umabot na sa court, mas malaki nga ang mase-save niyo lalo na if you tell the judge you can only afford a certain amount to pay. Ex: may judge na sa isang BP22 case may utang na 78T, e 10T lang ang pinabayad ng judge dun sa pinagka-utangan nung tao na may case filed na bouncing check. Maniwala kayo, di kayo pakukulong ng judge sa utang.

Yes, my case is against a couple. The amount we're talking is in the millions. Actually nag claim na ako na bayad na ang utang ko, sa laki ng interest na naibayad ko na sa couple na ito. Sabi nga ng RTC may utang pa sila sa akin na P2M. Kumbaga, I already overpaid due to the unconscionable interest charged me, e wala naman kasing written agreement. However in the case of credit card, may agreement tayong pinipirmahan right? Kaya lang super unconscionable din ang interest nila. Ang point ko lang, most of the concerns here are apprehensions about being haled to court for credit card debt. Gusto ko lang iparating sa lahat na HUWAG MATAKOT SA COURT ORDER kung totoong umabot na sa demandahan (however in the case of most cc companies e pananakot lang ang ginagawa). Based on my experience (meron na din akong several experiences on failure to pay cc dahil nga dito sa malaking pagkakautang ko sa couple na ito, di ko na nabayaran cc bills ko), I would rather face a judge in court than face creditors na tatakutin ka sa garnishment, etc. Alam nyo bang mag-file ka lang ng case e malaki na gastos mo? You have to pay filing fees, lawyers fees, not to mention the hassle of attending hearings.. cc companies avoid going thru all this expense and hassle, kaya inaasahan nalang nila ang collection agencies or insurance.

alam ng mga cc companies na pagdating sa court ng collection case, e sa mediation lang ang bagsak, meaning, magkakatawaran din sa harap ng judge. this is what usually takes place before the judge during a mediation between creditor and debtor:
judge: how much is the amount we're talking about?
debtor: Php xx amount, say P100t
judge: both parties are willing to settle?
both: yes
judge: debtor, how much can you afford to pay?
debtor dictates the amount. kahit sabihin mo P5t lang kaya mo ibayad the judge will accept that.
judge: creditor, can you accept that amount?
usually pag sinabi ng creditor unacceptable, the judge will encourage tawaran between parties to arrive at a settlement beneficial to both parties. the judge knows how much cc companies suck on the blood of debtors kaya mas pinapaboran nya ang pobreng debtor.
ayan, narinig ko na ito while sitting in several courtrooms during the course of my case. sana mapanatag na kayo.
siempre this is not always the case but ito lang yung sinasabi kong reality.

From the post of Sanay Na

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Paranoia Synopsis - Answers To Most Queries

Signs - Animated


1. I will go to jail

Utang is a civil liability. Imprisonment is for criminal offenses.
Therefore walang pakialam ang :

a. Police - they handle peace & order
b. NBI - NBI Clearances cover criminal cases
It contains the entire criminal history record
(Criminal Incident History) from the different
judicial courts and law-enforcement agencies
c. Immigration - Hold Departure Orders are for criminal cases
d. DFA/Embassy - Passport/Visa issuance is not dependent on CCs
e. Barangay - They cannot entertain complaints from a corporation
f. Courts - They mediate not collect
g. Other Countries - Their laws are not applicable to us. Remember Contemplacion?

2. They will visit our house and get my properties/Cause a scandal

Trespass To Dwelling is a crime against security - kulong sila.
Is there a court order? file muna sila ng case!
Get your properties? does your name appears in your electric fan?

Sec.13 of Rule 39 of the Rules of Court outlines some properties
they cannot get from you :
- family home
- salary/pension
- furniture ( beds/dining tables etc.)

Check mo Crimes Against Honor - Art. 353(Libel);Oral Defamation etc.

3. They will charge me with RA 8484 because:
-I transferred residence/office/went abroad
without informing them;
-I am defrauding creditors by not paying.

Did you used a fake card and supplied faked information?
(reasons why you do not want to pay)
Did you left your place “surreptitiously”? (look for its meaning)

If your answer is “YES”. Then, maybe you are guilty indeed.

4. They will file a case.
The Worst They Can Do, or What You Have Been Afraid Of

They wont ; They cant. Impractical, expensive,waste of
time and pointless. What makes you more important than the
other 999,999 accounts?
You've been complaining about high interest before? Now is the time.
Our compassionate Judge usually reduces it to 12% Interest PER
ANNUM na lang, ayaw mo pa noon?

And, even if they file a thousand cases against you, if you do not
have the money or identifiable properties, That’s IT!

5. They will come and talk to our Manager/HR ; cause a scandal

See no. 2 above and some suggested diskartes below

6. I issued PDCs.

BP 22 has been decriminalized. Just attend when invited. That is the
only requirement.

7. My account will balloon because of continued interest and charges.
I surrendered already my card but the charges wont stop.

Your card is automatically suspended even without you asking for it.
Your account will continue to incur interest and other charges
"until fully paid" - That is what your Card Agreement says.
So, it will never stop, but collection efforts can.

8. I will be BLACKLISTED

You cannot erase an experience,even if you pay it now. but you can
justify it - nawalan ka ng trabaho e. A good credit officer( not them
CC officers)looks beyond that experience.Why not try to find it out?
A good number of people do get to be issued new credit cards despite
the experience. Try before you quit. Pakiusap lang,

SECTION B - Sources of Harassments:

a. Collection Letters

You already know what's inside. Throw it right away without even
opening it. No good news there. It will just spoil your day.

b. Text - SMS & Calls

delete. avoid sending replies. sayang ang load
divert those calls.

c. Visits

Ask for their ID, authority as representative and/or Court Order.
You have the right to refuse them entry if they cannot show one.
Then call for police assistance (This is their ACTUAL function)

Ito ngayon ang may imprisonment:
c.1 Trespass To Dwelling ( Crime Against Security)
c.2 Fraud - Pretending to be somebody
c.3 Extortion
c.4 Robbery
c.5 Oral defamation

d.Calls - office and home landlines
We always assume they are from the bank
how can you be sure? ask them that.

d.1 Don't take the calls. You have other better things to do.
d.2 If you can't avoid it, just make your replies simple, even if you
do not mean it, to avoid prolonging your agony
d.3 No need to explain why you cannot pay, plead that you be given
time,nor engage in an argument - all pointless.
d.4 Can't take the call anymore? Bang the telephone! That is your right.

e. Call/Text Messages

e.1 A case has been file already. To stop, call this number
- You cannot stop a case if already filed. It has to be formally
- Did you actually received a Summons? Ano ito,shortcut?
e.2 You have a package for pick-up
- You should know better

SECTION C - Venues for Sama ng Loob

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is our friend.
So is the Bank President.
IBP/Supreme Court can remind lawyers
This Blog reduces tensions
Your friends are willing to lend an ear
Our support group - Diskarte, Pilipinas ! is on your side.

SECTION D - The Golden Rules on Credit Card Paranoia

Rule No. 1 – If you cannot pay, don’t
Rule No. 2 – Prioritize your need ; not their greed
Rule No. 3 - Don’t let them control your life. It’s your life anyway
Rule No. 4 - Disregard….delete…..dedma
Rule No. 5 - Dare To Fight Back ; Dare Their Bluff

Paranoia Prescriptions - How To Settle Your Debts

Signs - Animated

1. Ask for a Statement of Account
Duly signed and Certified Correct by the Bank
Under Pain of Perjury

This is the FIRST step. You mean you are willing to accept just ANY
amount just because sinabi nila ?.... okay, I give up then.
go ahead, pay.

Otherwise, you cannot go to Step 2 without resolving this issue first.

Mga Maling Rason Nila( Alibi):
1.“Ma’m, its confidential”
Reply – “ Then, I’ll pay ‘confidential’ na lang”
2."Ma'm, sayang ang AMNESTY PROGRAM mo!"
No such thing. jack-up the price, then "reduce" it - much like
those Midnights Sales and other promos you hear.
3.Billing Statements are being sent
Those are computer-generated with no breakdowns
4.You have to pay before I give you an SOA
Give me a receipt to show to the bank/BSP/Court

2. Once received, review.
Is it duly signed and certified correct by an authorized bank
signatory? baka hinde authorized yan? confirm it by phone.
You would not want a janitor signing your SOA, would you?

3. Offer what you can afford, not what they want.
You are the one responsible for its payment, not them.
propose reductions or waivers.
(especially those excessive charges!)

4.If there's an Agreement, document it!
No verbal agreement Please. They can deny it later on.
Never trust.

5 If they won't agree, don't force yourself to agree.
borrow from Pedro to pay Juan? (debt consolidation)
"just to show willingness" or stop their harassments"

Wrong reasons for paying. It will only dig you deeper into debts.
You are likewise engaging yourself in a never-ending financial

6.If no agreement is reached, better let the court decide.

The Court is such a compassionate court that it will reduce your
interest from 3.5% per month to only 1% p.m. ; penalty from 60%
per annum to 12% per annum and about P 10,000.00 attorney’s fee
instead of 25% of your total obligation.
Ayaw mo pa noon?

Learn from the lessons from here on.
Avoid making credit cards as your financial crutches.
Respect Money. Dont use it to meet your emotional needs.
There is more to life than credit cards.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Utang - What I'd Do!


1. Ask for a Statement of Account

This is the FIRST step. Otherwise, you cannot go to Step 2 without resolving this issue first.
You mean you will just accept ANY amount just because of their say so?.... okay, I give up then. go ahead, pay.

2.Once received, review.
Is it duly signed and certified correct by an authorized bank signatory?
You would not want a janitor signing your SOA, would you?

3.Offer what you can afford ONLY,not what they want.
You are the one responsible for its payment,not them.
propose reductions or waivers.
(especially those excessive charges!)

4.If there's an Agreement,document it!
no verbal agreement. they can deny it later on.

5 If they won't agree, don't force yourself to pay even if you cannot afford.
it will just dig you deeper further into debts.

6.Since no agreement can be made,let the court to decide.
(definitely, the court will reduce it!)

So now, you have your reason everytime they call.
How can they collect when you are still asking for that SOA?
How can they charge you with RA 8484(Intention to Defraud)?
How can they file a case when you are willing to settle it?

Learn from your lessons after that. Avoid making the credit card
as your financial crutches.

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