Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Looking At The Bright Side of Life

A lot of times I get some inspirations like:
Better to love someone you cannot have;
Than to have someone you cannot love.

I always add :

It's better to have a child without a husband;
Than a husband without a child.

My favorite ?

Better having a debt but cannot pay;
Than having to pay but without a debt.

Ask not "why"
Ask "why not?"

** with inspiration from Ms. Hopeful's blog.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

3H Club of CC Defaulters:

1.How To Pay

-Do you know how much is your debt? No? Then, go ask for your SOA.
If they can’t provide you one, it only means one thing. You have no
Utang! Logical enough?
-You want to pay but can’t afford it? Then, negotiate. They wont? stop paying.
You cannot afford it anyway. Then, just wait for the court to settle this issue.


Letter - don’t open anymore. No good news there anyway. All LIES.
Calls - don’t argue, explain, plead. Useless and pointless. Wait for
the court to settle this issue instead. Better.
Visits - You have the right not to let them enter your premises.
Rights To Privacy. They will merely give you a ¼ shit of paper
to call Atty Ek-ek, Fiscal Ek-ek or SPO1 Ek-ek. Yes. They are one and
the same. Who else, but Mr. Collector himself!
Office Visits? If they cannot show you their authority from the bank,
then, they might just be pretending. Heard about Extortion or Fraud?

Mutants : CP calls and texts
Press ‘delete’. You have other better things to do than waste your
time listening or reading about their lies.


What’s the worst thing that could happen to you? Nothing. Even if they file a million cases against you, if you have no money, what else?
Having a case means " all your troubles will soon be over"

Move on.

After you over-come your paranoias, please help others in similar situations.
You already know how it felt. Right? Don’t just fade away…..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Legally Right ; Morally Wrong

Collectors ( and Self-style Moralists) are fond of quoting this :

" Ang Utang Dapat Bayaran"

To which the Supreme Court says :
We can not consider the rate "usurious" because this Court has consistently held that Circular No. 905 of the Central Bank, adopted on December 22, 1982, has expressly removed the interest ceilings prescribed by the Usury Law and that the Usury Law is now "legally inexistent."

However,The Supreme Court further says :

Nevertheless, we find the interest at 5.5% per month, or 66% per annum, stipulated upon by the parties in the promissory note iniquitous or unconscionable, and, hence, contrary to morals ("contra bonos mores"), if not against the law.

If not being able to pay is immoral, what can you say about THEM?

Thought of the Week:
What is legal does not necessarily mean moral

Saturday, May 2, 2009


A Quitter never wins;
I quit paying and save money from a never-ending financial marathon
A Winner never quits.
that's greed!

Ang utang ay dapat bayaran
..doon sa pinag-kautangan, hinde kung kani-kanino lang collectors.
Upang tayo ay pagkatiwalaan
Nag-tiwala tayo, kaya naloko.

Kung gusto, maraming paraan;
hinde lahat na paraan,legal
Kung ayaw, maraming dahilan.
Walang dahilan na tama
sa taong ayaw maniwala.