Saturday, May 16, 2009

3H Club of CC Defaulters:

1.How To Pay

-Do you know how much is your debt? No? Then, go ask for your SOA.
If they can’t provide you one, it only means one thing. You have no
Utang! Logical enough?
-You want to pay but can’t afford it? Then, negotiate. They wont? stop paying.
You cannot afford it anyway. Then, just wait for the court to settle this issue.


Letter - don’t open anymore. No good news there anyway. All LIES.
Calls - don’t argue, explain, plead. Useless and pointless. Wait for
the court to settle this issue instead. Better.
Visits - You have the right not to let them enter your premises.
Rights To Privacy. They will merely give you a ¼ shit of paper
to call Atty Ek-ek, Fiscal Ek-ek or SPO1 Ek-ek. Yes. They are one and
the same. Who else, but Mr. Collector himself!
Office Visits? If they cannot show you their authority from the bank,
then, they might just be pretending. Heard about Extortion or Fraud?

Mutants : CP calls and texts
Press ‘delete’. You have other better things to do than waste your
time listening or reading about their lies.


What’s the worst thing that could happen to you? Nothing. Even if they file a million cases against you, if you have no money, what else?
Having a case means " all your troubles will soon be over"

Move on.

After you over-come your paranoias, please help others in similar situations.
You already know how it felt. Right? Don’t just fade away…..

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