Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lumipat ng Bahay

Collectors fool you into paying their commission
by citing this RA 8484 legal ek-ek:

"A cardholder who abandons or surreptitiously leaves the place of employment, business or residence stated in his application or credit card, without informing the credit card company..."

Why should you?
You did not "abandon" nor left
your place "surreptitiously".
did you?
And your card isn't even FAKE!

Want then to make the collector look funny?
Ask him why you are liable.
Magagalit yan.
He does not know!

And you will have another " Fun with Collectors"

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Collectors saying they will file a case?
They wont ; they don't ; they can't!

Gusto mo malaman?
dare their bluff.
And enjoy their reactions!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


The fear never ends.

I know you lost your job,
you were a good payer before,
can no longer pay your cards anymore,
received demand letters, calls, text messages
home visits, office visits and barangay visits.
I know..I know...
you are not running away from your obligations.
You want to show good faith.
there is this fear, and
you are A-F-R-A-I-D !!

of what?

skip those familiar stories.
and tell me straight forward:
"what are you afraid of?"

Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's Have Fun With Collectors

Go mario and luigi!! avatar

Next time a collector calls,
dare his bluff with your own bluff.
Tell him to meet you in Precinct 5 of the Makati Police (or any )
para mag-bayad ka in FULL.
para sa ganoon, hinde ka na niya puede pang "kasuhan"( or any threats)

common alibi:
hinde kami tumatangap ng pera. i-deposit mo na lang sa banko.

di tangapin mo lang at ikaw ang mag-deposit. lol!

when you deposit, while you are citing your credit card account number,
he will not tell you that "it merely identifies na nag-bayad ka na, at
for credit to his OWN account!"

What if pupunta siya talaga doon?
two things you can do:
a. WAG pumunta. lol! ; or
b. Ipahuli mo siya for swindling/extortion.
(di ka na mahihirapan pang dalhin siya para ipakulong)