Saturday, August 29, 2009

I, The Collector

What I do :
1. Send a demand letter that we will be filing a case.
(That will send shivers to everyone. Takot lang nila
magkaroon ng case.)
2. Send a text message " You have a warrant of arrest.
Call Fiscal Doki at CP 123-123 to hold."
(Actually ako rin ito.)
3. Inform them they have a parcel from Peke Cargo.
(When they call to inquire, I can threaten them again!)
4. Call them to say " They are balasubas"
(That will force them to pay me, otherwise, I will continue
to harass them.)
5. Visit their office
(They have no choice but pay,otherwise, mapahiya lang sila.)
6. Visit their home
(See how big I am, riding in a motorcycle and giving them that
1/4 shit of paper?)
7. Any other combination thereof.
(ayan, legal terms yan ha?)

mami rose adds:

8. will seek the assistance of their bgy officials to collect from them
(further scandals for you! )

9. will fax collection note to their office
(para mapahiya sila with their names and amount of debt written boldly.)

I do these things because i am
of the commission i will get when they pay.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blood Money

You've seen them enjoying their life at the beach;
or posing for a picture beside their new laptop computer;
or traveling abroad for a vacation.

This is the food they have snatched from the mouths of your children ;
This is the tuition fee they have deprived your younger brother & sister;
This is the medicine they withheld from your ailing father & mother.
This is Blood Money.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Beautiful Life

Have you ever dreamt of having enough money in the bank,
that you don't have to work anymore,
that you just have to get the interest monthly for your allowance?

same with CC companies,
if you just pay the interest monthly,
their work is simplified - just wait for the never ending income.
and it would even be better if you default, then you have to
pay another fee - penalty charges.

as long as you pay them regularly.

life is beautiful for them.
not yours.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Simple Life ; A Happy Life

Two Sundays ago, we attended a wedding in our place in Marahan, a cool 1 1/2-hour drive ( depends...) from downtown Davao City.

This is the home of the Matigsalog tribe, one of the original occupants of Davao.
a peaceful place cooled by the mountain mists even at 9 a.m. in the morning.
Simple folks with simple life, but a happy one indeed.
They dont have credit cards!