Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Such Thing

1. Credit Runaway - a collector's English for "tinakbuhan ang utang"
2. Litigation Department of the Bank - banks have legal departments only.
3. Legal Visit - an extortion term for harassing defaulters.Illegal visits,meron.
4. Ocular Inspection - a nonsense term of evaluating assets only by looking.
5. Coordinate with INTERPOL, Armed Forces of the Phils.;Dept. of Foreign Affairs.
6. Warrant of Arrest - Why inform you in advance if true? di nag-tago ka na!
7. This is Atty. Ekek - Lawyers calling as collectors is toooooo
degrading ; Collectors calling as lawyers is a fraud.
8. Collectors filing a case - It's like a janitor telling you to clean the toilet.
9. Amnesty - Paano ka magka-amnesty, ZERO ka na sa libro ng banko?
10.Cert. of Full Payment - Why cant they simply issue an OR stating "FULL PAYMENT?"
11.Pre-legal department - huwaaat?!! nabilaukan ako!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trick Or Threat

Amnesty Program

Your debt is now P 1,000,000.00 but because we care,
you will just pay P 10,000.00 within Five (5) days
and you will have your "Certificate of Clearance"
otherwise :

We will file a case against you.

1 Warrant of Arrest
2. Ocular Inspection
3. Hold Departure Order/Worldwide Ban
4. RA 8484
5. Barangay Referral
6. Preliminary Attachment
7. Withholding of Salary
8. Write/Call Your HR
9. Imprisonment
10.Negative Data

If you dont want to be tricked,
dare their threat.


Friday, May 13, 2011

BSP Cir. 702 Series of 2010

Collector: M'am, Sa Coercion Agency ito. ano po ang plano sa utang ninyo?
M'am : Sir, wala pa po akong natangap na endorsement ng Shitty Bank
na kayo ang AUTHORIZED collection agency. Puende antayin natin?

-end of conversation-

BSP Cir. 702
Series of 2010

1.Inform CC Holders that their accounts will be endorsed to a collection agency at least seven (7) days before actual endorsement;
2. Requires banks to implement procedures so that collectors shall IDENTIFY themselves ( no more Atty. Collector or Tenyente Guevarra) ;
3. Penalties : first offense - Reprimand of Director/Officer ( Vice President?)
4. Effective: Jan. 1,2011 ( more or less)


Credit card users urged to report abusive collectors
01/24/2011 | 07:11 PM

Acting Deputy Director/Head
Financial Consumer Affairs Group
Central Supervisory Support Subsector
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Mabini, Manila consumer

Saturday, May 7, 2011


You cant pay anymore.
so you went to the bank for restructuring of your account.
they wont.
Instead, they merely referred you to their abusive collectors.
Wait if they take you to court.
Same thing will happen anyway :
there will be compulsory negotiation to lower your debt and waive interests;
the judge will allow you to pay in installments at 12% per annum,
meaning - restructuring of your account pa rin.
at kausap mo pa rin ang bank.