Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ang Utang Ay Dapat Bayaran

Hinde sa lahat na panahon.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

RA 8484 Once Again. With Feelings.

News Item :
US hacker pleads guilty to credit card theft
Agence France-Presse
First Posted 04:45:00 04/22/2011

Rogelio Hackett, of Lithonia, Georgia also admitted selling
credit card information and counterfeit cards to acquire
gift cards and merchandise.

Tens of thousands of fraudulent transactions were traced to
the card numbers acquired by Hackett, totaling more than $36 million.

If you are NOWHERE similar to this incident,forget RA 8484!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Debt Trouble

Why are OFWs drowning in debts despite the huge salaries?
Following are the feedback I got from our preceding chapter:

1.OFWs,especially in the Middle East, earn a lot but spends a lot too.
"malaki ang sasahurin doon pero ang bayarin namn kinuha na ang 75% ng sahod.

2. Payment of their salary are more often delayed
"marami din sa ating kababayan eh hindi sumasahod ng 2-3 months"

3.When faced with financial success, most people can't handle it
a)I have a kin working as an engineer. they were able to buy a car, me mga expensive gadgets at gamit sa bahay. they were doing fine, until lately, when he began to invest in all luho there is. the wife gets maluho na rin. di contented sa simple joys na kinagisnan nila.
-natutong magsugal si mister.
-at siguro, natuto rin mambabae.
now, they are deep in debt, di na kasya ang perang pinapadala because kulang pa pambayad sa luho at bisyo. dito nasira ang buhay nila. sa bisyo, at sa luho.

b)I have another cousin, who also works as a machinist .
before kasya na sa kanila ang php25k a month na sueldo.
when my cousin got this job, di na nagkasya ang sueldo, which is more than php50. ang reason?
- ang asawa naging maluho,
- and mga anak naging maluho.
- the wife stopped working, kasi kumikita naman daw si mister.
everytime my cousin comes home, the dough he takes home isn't enough to pay the debts the wife incurred, when all the while, me monthly allotment si wife. kaya my poor cousin had to borrow money, everytime.
Why? malakas ang loob gumastos kahit konti lang ang pera mo, thinking payday is just a few winks away.

I like this thought :

Posted advice and reminder for OFWs in the Middle East:
Nandito ka para mag-ipon ; di mangutang

love your family.
but dont spoil them.

(thanks to all who shared their thoughts)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Can I Ask A Question This Time?

Please dont misinterpret me, okay?
I have been wanting to ask this question
to OFWs ever since, out of curiosity perhaps
(and maybe learn something)

Some people leave their families to work abroad
ostentatiously because of "high paying jobs."
Regrettably though, these OFWs end up with unpaid
debts abroad.
loss of jobs, I can understand.
But WHY did they incur debts
in the first place?
Is this just a case of spending first before earning?
bakit kaya?
your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
( no blaming though)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Truth Hurts - Willingness To Pay

Red Cat avatar
" I want to pay kahit konti in order to show willingness to pay and
that I am not running away from my obligation"

Stop fooling yourself.
You want to show willingness to pay,
but banks don't care.
that is why your account was already
given away - to shameless collectors.

Yes, some people wants you to show your
willingness to pay - who else but collectors?