Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is really a powerful word - NOTHING

For CC defaulters, collectors would tell you about:

1. filing a case - They have NOTHING to prove they are authorized to do so.
2. Imprisonment - There is NOTHING in our laws that penalizes debtors with it.
3. Barangay - They have NOTHING to do on disputes between a person
and a corporation.
4. Hold Departure- NOTHING can stop you from entering or leaving
our country since utang is merely a civil case.
5. Dubai - There is NOTHING they can do if you are here in our
6. Visits - NOTHING much.except giving you a 1/4 shit of paper
to "call atty. ek-ek otherwise...." or "We made ocular ek-ek"
7. Letters - NOTHING worth reading.Tapon
8. NBI - Your clearance will state "NOTHING" since they handle criminal
records only.
9. Publish Pix - If they do that, you will read NOTHING in your papers anymore.
10. Gulf Council - NOTHING but an economic cooperation among Arab states similar

Anonymous: Thank you Blog Team for this post
Blog Team :Oh,its NOTHING.

Thought of the Week

I asked God what I wanted
But received NOTHING.
He gave me instead

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Debt Cross I Carry

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Amnesty Fantasy

What is there to waive if your debt is already "closed".
Who is waiving but just the collector and not the lender,
who by the way is no longer interested to collect
( for a "wondrous" reason)
How sure are you that everything is authorized and legal,
there is no way to find out.
How sure are you it goes to the lender and not just to the pockets
of you-know-who.
Even if you fully pay now, would that erase the experience
and the fact that " once upon a time, you defaulted your CC"?

If you still feel comfortable after knowing these things, then,
it's about time you should pay the Collection Agency, and not
the Lender.

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