Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is really a powerful word - NOTHING

For CC defaulters, collectors would tell you about:

1. filing a case - They have NOTHING to prove they are authorized to do so.
2. Imprisonment - There is NOTHING in our laws that penalizes debtors with it.
3. Barangay - They have NOTHING to do on disputes between a person
and a corporation.
4. Hold Departure- NOTHING can stop you from entering or leaving
our country since utang is merely a civil case.
5. Dubai - There is NOTHING they can do if you are here in our
6. Visits - NOTHING much.except giving you a 1/4 shit of paper
to "call atty. ek-ek otherwise...." or "We made ocular ek-ek"
7. Letters - NOTHING worth reading.Tapon
8. NBI - Your clearance will state "NOTHING" since they handle criminal
records only.
9. Publish Pix - If they do that, you will read NOTHING in your papers anymore.
10. Gulf Council - NOTHING but an economic cooperation among Arab states similar

Anonymous: Thank you Blog Team for this post
Blog Team :Oh,its NOTHING.

Thought of the Week

I asked God what I wanted
But received NOTHING.
He gave me instead

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