Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Such Thing

1. Credit Runaway - a collector's English for "tinakbuhan ang utang"
2. Litigation Department of the Bank - banks have legal departments only.
3. Legal Visit - an extortion term for harassing defaulters.Illegal visits,meron.
4. Ocular Inspection - a nonsense term of evaluating assets only by looking.
5. Coordinate with INTERPOL, Armed Forces of the Phils.;Dept. of Foreign Affairs.
6. Warrant of Arrest - Why inform you in advance if true? di nag-tago ka na!
7. This is Atty. Ekek - Lawyers calling as collectors is toooooo
degrading ; Collectors calling as lawyers is a fraud.
8. Collectors filing a case - It's like a janitor telling you to clean the toilet.
9. Amnesty - Paano ka magka-amnesty, ZERO ka na sa libro ng banko?
10.Cert. of Full Payment - Why cant they simply issue an OR stating "FULL PAYMENT?"
11.Pre-legal department - huwaaat?!! nabilaukan ako!

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