Saturday, August 29, 2009

I, The Collector

What I do :
1. Send a demand letter that we will be filing a case.
(That will send shivers to everyone. Takot lang nila
magkaroon ng case.)
2. Send a text message " You have a warrant of arrest.
Call Fiscal Doki at CP 123-123 to hold."
(Actually ako rin ito.)
3. Inform them they have a parcel from Peke Cargo.
(When they call to inquire, I can threaten them again!)
4. Call them to say " They are balasubas"
(That will force them to pay me, otherwise, I will continue
to harass them.)
5. Visit their office
(They have no choice but pay,otherwise, mapahiya lang sila.)
6. Visit their home
(See how big I am, riding in a motorcycle and giving them that
1/4 shit of paper?)
7. Any other combination thereof.
(ayan, legal terms yan ha?)

mami rose adds:

8. will seek the assistance of their bgy officials to collect from them
(further scandals for you! )

9. will fax collection note to their office
(para mapahiya sila with their names and amount of debt written boldly.)

I do these things because i am
of the commission i will get when they pay.

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