Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Thought. . . .

Unplanned pregnancy. “I thought she was safe….”
Bounced Check. “ I thought our bonus will come early”
Got swindled “ I thought he was our relative! ”
Ruined relationships “ I thought you did it! "

Too many times we get into trouble, problems,or misfortunes
simply because of “akala ko....”

When somebody calls “ M’am, this is Citibank”
(we assumed they really are. They’re not)
Then he tells us “ M’am, you owe us P 45,000.00”
(we immediately proceed to negotiate)
(Are you sure you really owe that amount?)
“M’am, we have a promo. Pay P1,000.00 to qualify”
( we pay )
“M’am hinde ka nag-qualify. Disapproved"
(wasted payment. Akala ko...)

So next time somebody calls, saying he is
“ Atty.Komisyoner of the RTC” or SPO1 Mando Rugas or Batman
Time to tell him “How would I know?”

Now, you know better.
or so I thought?

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