Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Diskarte Fund

I was talking to dr.rf yesterday about Ondoy victims and how we can help our members. Then it dawned to me that maybe it’s quite late in a day, and that we are quite helpless if we do not have standby funds for our group in cases like this.
I was thinking if we can establish a Diskarte Fund which will replace the P10.00 voluntary monthly forum membership fee which is not being followed anyway.
Purpose :
To defray possible expenses during our monthly EBs, for selected charities, or other purposes deemed appropriate by the group.
Contributions :
If you have been blessed by the blog .
If you want to show your appreciation for the support you are getting from the group
If you want to help spread the Diskarte principles.
If you have found PEACE after finding this group
If you can trust us where your one-time or continued contributions will go.
If you just want to give.
Otherwise, don’t .
Thru GCash or directly to Single Mom during our monthly EBs.

You borrowed money to buy peace from the collectors;
We never asked anything for it.

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