Monday, June 23, 2008

Takot Kami

We often allow ourselves to be harassed, humiliated and fooled by these collectors. Worse,even our love ones ay SINISIGAWAN pa nila! Why? all because we are afraid that they will file a case against us and all those legal threats and ek-ek we innocently believe right away - kesyo may court case na nai-file na, si Sheriff Purontong will go to our house, Si Atty. Ilad (bisaya ni)can stop the case if you call him, you will be jailed and a lot of panloloko.

They Won't ; They Cant.
IF EVER, you will get a far BETTER DEAL in court than what they are demanding from you now.

YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME! Say that before every meal - YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!

Sue Me!
to cut the long story short.
When you say those MAGIC WORDS, they will try to discourage you :
hanap ka na ng abogado mo ( I already did)
we will go to your house ( if you can show a court order)
we will go to your office ( just ensure you have a bank authorization)
we will get your things ( that's Robbery! kulong ka niyan.)
we will do this, we will do that ( still trying to fool me? no way, Jose)

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