Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Harassment Process - The Visit

1. Don’t let them in; they might be holduppers for all you know.Ask for proper court orders
(See Rule 113 ( Arrests); Rule 126 (Search Warrants) of the Rules of Court)

2. Ask, politely and calmly, for supporting documents ( that is SOP)
a.any identification
b.authority to represent the collection agency
c.the authorized signatory of the collection agency
d.authority to represent the bank (Collection Agreement)
e.Bank’s Board Resolution appointing them as such
f.authorized signatory for the bank, duly notarized
g.Latest Statement of Account showing what you owe
b.SOA duly certified correct by the bank ( not them)

If they cannot produce ALL OF THE ABOVE, they are not authorized and are merely posing as representatives for the purpose of...tadah.... FRAUD. simply extortion.

3. If you’re in the office, tell the receptionist or the guards not to let them, if possible. you got so many reasons for that:
– "It’s against company’s policy to entertain personal visits during office hours",
"We’re having a meeting"
"The person you are looking don’t want to see you,"

If they insist, see no. 2 above.

4. If they are ever successful, don’t ever listen to anything they say nor sign anything. They got really nothing to say which you did not know already.Dont sign ANYTHING, even those "Amnesty Program" with offers "good until today only". Imagine signing your own death sentence?

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