Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Gud Day, Sir Rene/Banker...Hope you still remember me. This is Six Cards. I've been so far living in some peace now. I think it's been 6 months since I last consulted you in this blog regarding my KAUTANGANZ.

At any rate, I just would like to share with our readers that I just came home from a 1-month vacation from the USA. Sobrang kinabahan ako, although I've been guided by my lawyer and by what Sir Rene has been posting here regarding hold-departure orders, kinabahan pa rin talaga ako na baka may sabit ang passport at US visa ko.

Awa ng Dyos, lusot sa immigration, at PARANG WALA AKONG UTANG.

Hope this enlightens everybody who have fears of traveling.

Note:This portion was deleted/edited
(For info of newbies/others who may not have read previous posts and background)

Back to work, back to reality. I did enjoy my "free" vacation (nilibre po ako ng Mom ko kaya takot na takot akong sumabit sa immigration dahil kasama ko cya at di nya alam, hehehe).

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