Friday, July 25, 2008

Trust But Verify

A caller identified himself as Mr. Collector.
"You owe the bank P 100,000.00" he tells you. " You should call Mr.
Fiscal at tel. no. 12345455 to STOP THE CASE." just like that? whew!

You readily called Mr. Fiscal. What does he tells you?
pay P 5,000.00 by Monday at this account number ( who's account?)

Which you complied naman.

After that, there is a "juicy" offer of P 50,000.00 if you pay by
end of the month.

Then, you received your monthly statement. states there P20,000.00
only. OMG! You believed him! What FAITH.
Instead of the juicy offer, you end up being milked.

Think like an auditor.

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