Sunday, July 6, 2008

Utang & Fraud

DEBT - A sum of money due by certain and express agreement.
Debts are discharged principally by cash payment.Other
form is via payments in kind and write-offs.
SWINDLE - To obtain money or property by false pretenses and fraudulent acts
(estafa) by:
- using fictitious name, or falsely pretending circumstances
- post-dating a check, or issuing a check in payment of an obligation

The Collection Agency is only that - a COLLECTION agency. they are not a litigation company. The bank hires them primarily to collect,for a fee, accounts classified as "loss" and not to file cases left and right.

If ever they say you are guilty of fraud,maybe you can turn the table on them:
utang, yes. fraud? Nah..... sila yung mahilig mag-pretend to be from the court, SPO1 or worst, an attorney.So, who's guilty now?
(except if you issue PDCs - it falls under BP 22)

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