Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why Am I Doing This

I have been doing this stuff since 2004. Just knowing I was
of help is enough . Makes me feel good. Loosens me up in return.
Sort of therapy for stress.Just like what follows.

Here's an SMS I got early this morning today (July 31,2008)

Good Morning po Sir Rene, ako po c XXX d2 sa Saudi. nag-mail po ako sa iyo kahapon. Gusto ko lang uli mag-pasalamat sa inyo. bago ko ho
mabasa ang blogsite ninyo, halos mabliw ako sa kakaisip ngayon ho
balik na uli ang self-confidence ko. xxx
(other portions deleted)

I was just wondering, If you've been blessed by the blog, perhaps you can pick the P10.00 tab/child for the breakfast of the street children even for just one (1) day only? that may not be much for you but to them would already be a great help.

note: you know what happened, need I elaborate?

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