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Paranoia Synopsis - Answers To Most Queries

Signs - Animated


1. I will go to jail

Utang is a civil liability. Imprisonment is for criminal offenses.
Therefore walang pakialam ang :

a. Police - they handle peace & order
b. NBI - NBI Clearances cover criminal cases
It contains the entire criminal history record
(Criminal Incident History) from the different
judicial courts and law-enforcement agencies
c. Immigration - Hold Departure Orders are for criminal cases
d. DFA/Embassy - Passport/Visa issuance is not dependent on CCs
e. Barangay - They cannot entertain complaints from a corporation
f. Courts - They mediate not collect
g. Other Countries - Their laws are not applicable to us. Remember Contemplacion?

2. They will visit our house and get my properties/Cause a scandal

Trespass To Dwelling is a crime against security - kulong sila.
Is there a court order? file muna sila ng case!
Get your properties? does your name appears in your electric fan?

Sec.13 of Rule 39 of the Rules of Court outlines some properties
they cannot get from you :
- family home
- salary/pension
- furniture ( beds/dining tables etc.)

Check mo Crimes Against Honor - Art. 353(Libel);Oral Defamation etc.

3. They will charge me with RA 8484 because:
-I transferred residence/office/went abroad
without informing them;
-I am defrauding creditors by not paying.

Did you used a fake card and supplied faked information?
(reasons why you do not want to pay)
Did you left your place “surreptitiously”? (look for its meaning)

If your answer is “YES”. Then, maybe you are guilty indeed.

4. They will file a case.
The Worst They Can Do, or What You Have Been Afraid Of

They wont ; They cant. Impractical, expensive,waste of
time and pointless. What makes you more important than the
other 999,999 accounts?
You've been complaining about high interest before? Now is the time.
Our compassionate Judge usually reduces it to 12% Interest PER
ANNUM na lang, ayaw mo pa noon?

And, even if they file a thousand cases against you, if you do not
have the money or identifiable properties, That’s IT!

5. They will come and talk to our Manager/HR ; cause a scandal

See no. 2 above and some suggested diskartes below

6. I issued PDCs.

BP 22 has been decriminalized. Just attend when invited. That is the
only requirement.

7. My account will balloon because of continued interest and charges.
I surrendered already my card but the charges wont stop.

Your card is automatically suspended even without you asking for it.
Your account will continue to incur interest and other charges
"until fully paid" - That is what your Card Agreement says.
So, it will never stop, but collection efforts can.

8. I will be BLACKLISTED

You cannot erase an experience,even if you pay it now. but you can
justify it - nawalan ka ng trabaho e. A good credit officer( not them
CC officers)looks beyond that experience.Why not try to find it out?
A good number of people do get to be issued new credit cards despite
the experience. Try before you quit. Pakiusap lang,

SECTION B - Sources of Harassments:

a. Collection Letters

You already know what's inside. Throw it right away without even
opening it. No good news there. It will just spoil your day.

b. Text - SMS & Calls

delete. avoid sending replies. sayang ang load
divert those calls.

c. Visits

Ask for their ID, authority as representative and/or Court Order.
You have the right to refuse them entry if they cannot show one.
Then call for police assistance (This is their ACTUAL function)

Ito ngayon ang may imprisonment:
c.1 Trespass To Dwelling ( Crime Against Security)
c.2 Fraud - Pretending to be somebody
c.3 Extortion
c.4 Robbery
c.5 Oral defamation

d.Calls - office and home landlines
We always assume they are from the bank
how can you be sure? ask them that.

d.1 Don't take the calls. You have other better things to do.
d.2 If you can't avoid it, just make your replies simple, even if you
do not mean it, to avoid prolonging your agony
d.3 No need to explain why you cannot pay, plead that you be given
time,nor engage in an argument - all pointless.
d.4 Can't take the call anymore? Bang the telephone! That is your right.

e. Call/Text Messages

e.1 A case has been file already. To stop, call this number
- You cannot stop a case if already filed. It has to be formally
- Did you actually received a Summons? Ano ito,shortcut?
e.2 You have a package for pick-up
- You should know better

SECTION C - Venues for Sama ng Loob

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is our friend.
So is the Bank President.
IBP/Supreme Court can remind lawyers
This Blog reduces tensions
Your friends are willing to lend an ear
Our support group - Diskarte, Pilipinas ! is on your side.

SECTION D - The Golden Rules on Credit Card Paranoia

Rule No. 1 – If you cannot pay, don’t
Rule No. 2 – Prioritize your need ; not their greed
Rule No. 3 - Don’t let them control your life. It’s your life anyway
Rule No. 4 - Disregard….delete…..dedma
Rule No. 5 - Dare To Fight Back ; Dare Their Bluff

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