Sunday, September 28, 2008

Me, A Criminal?

I often read about collectors informing Credit Card borrowers about RA8484, for not being able to pay, they are ‘defrauding creditors” kuno


CRIMINAL charges were filed yesterday against two men believed to be part of a syndicate scamming credit card firms through fake applications.

Mr. X & Mr. Y were charged with violations of Republic Act (RA) 8484, which regulates the issuance of access devices like credit cards and prohibits its fraudulent use.

RA 8484 defines the crime as “the use of falsified document, false information, fictitious identities and addresses, or any form of false pretense or misrepresentation” in the application of an access device.

This is giving misleading information. Simply transferring residence is not misleading them, hence, not subject of RA 8484. The important word there is “surreptitiously”

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