Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Labyrinth

Sarah Williams (Connelly) is a 15-year-old who loves reading -- and acting out -- fairy tales.

The movie opens with a scene of Sarah rehearsing lines from her book Labyrinth in a park. While trying to remember the final line of a speech in the book, she loses track of time, forgetting that she must babysit her infant half-brother, Toby.

fast forward

...He begins to cry; she remarks, "I wish the goblins would come and take you away...right now". Toby suddenly stops crying. Worried, Sarah enters his room, to find that Toby has vanished.

Jareth, the King of Goblins (Bowie) has taken the baby, gives her 13 hours in which to solve his great maze, called the Labyrinth, and find Toby. If she fails, Jareth will change him into a goblin and keep him forever.

The Labyrinth is not a simple maze; the pathways and openings in the walls of the maze change from time to time, and are riddled with logic-puzzles and tests.
Sarah went thru the maze,and once, Jareth attempting to keep her until the 13th hour by dancing with her. She breaks free of his spell and makes her way into the castle beyond the goblin city with barely enough time to spare.

The film climaxes in Jareth's final appeal for her to abandon her quest and stay with him. She defeats him by reciting her monologue from the beginning of the movie, including the until then forgotten final line:

"You have no power over me".

The room crumbles away, whereupon Sarah finds herself in the front hall of her home with the clock striking midnight and the barn owl (Jareth) flying away.Toby has returned home.

Sounds familiar?

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