Friday, April 3, 2009

Ang Utang Dapat Bayaran O Dapat Nga Ba?

It's Holy Week. Maybe, you can reflect on this statement,together
with the Collector.

The Collector says " You should pay. you used it"
The Self-righteous says " It's your moral obligation"

I ask:
"Even if I sell my soul to pay?"
"Even with a usurious rate of 60% interest,42% penalty plus 1/4 of
everything going to the lawyer who did nothing but harassed me?"
"Even if I paid already TRIPLE the amount of what I owe?"
"Even if my children will die of hunger?"
"Even if you bought trauma to my 5-year old kid by shouting at her,
made by 70 year old mother land in the hospital or nearly killed my
father with a nervous breakdown?

They say its my moral obligation.
And what they do are morally right?

I remember that it was the priests who sent Jesus to the cross.
I remember it was the priests who betrayed the revolution in Noli.

Is morality only for me and not for you?
Does one has the monopoly of Morality?

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