Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's YOUR Diskarte?

I made a terrible mistake today :D

I answered the phone and talked with a collector form PSBank. The good news is the collector was very polite. Maybe its because I told him I was the "sister" of the one he was looking for. Hehehe

I guess he was following a script because he was reciting the usual lines.... the account has been referred to us blah blah blah... pay or we will file... blah blah blah.

Maybe its because I never spoke with any collectors since my account became delinquent or maybe I feel a bit tougher, knowing about my rights and such --- I found myself lecturing the collector! about criminal case vs civil case, estafa vs failure to pay due to financial constraints, and even about negotiating with the CC directly.

The collector was actually at a loss for words. I told him there is no point in calling again since my sister (me) refuses to have anything to do with collection agencies and is negotiating with Metrobank (owner of PSBank) directly. I said goodbye and that was that.

after 30 minutes, the phone was ringing again and I let the maid answer it. Hahaha! Surprise! Supposedly it was a long distance call from Metrobank! I guess the first collector talked to his supervisor and decided to retaliate.

Of course, I did not speak with the person! Even as I am writing this, I am berating myself for answering the first call. Now, I can probably expect daily calls!


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