Sunday, February 15, 2009


1. Letters

Dont open. Sabay tapon. No good news there anyway.only lies

2. Calls

Just tell the truth - You have no money.gawin na nila ang dapat
gawin. No more explanation, do not plead nor argue.

To other receiver of calls: just tell the truth din.
"Ayaw ka niya kausapin. takot sa 'yo!"
"Aba, ewan ko!"
then follow the rest of diskarte.

3. Visit

Somebody was charged with alarm and scandal when he rushed into his
father's number two.
Additional charges? trespass to dwelling, attempted rape and
frustrated murder.
For collectors, just add - attempted extortion and armed robbery.

4. Text Messages

Press 'delete'.
Dont answer anymore.sayang ang load.
You got nothing to prove.
You are not obliged to do anything.
"Why did you not answer"
"Hinde ko na-tangap ang text mo!" is very convenient alibi later on.

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