Saturday, January 15, 2011

AC/DC - Awayin and Collect or Dayain and Collect

Guidelines For Credit Card Collectors:

1.Gulpi De Gulat

Call them by identifying yourself as either from:
b.Legal Department/Law Office
c.Court – RTC/MTC
g.City Hall

By pretending to be from any of these sources, CC defaulters will be AFRAID of you - they are always afraid of having a case!

2.Give them a number to call and look for Atty.Ek-ek or SPO 123 for arrangement “otherwise…….”

Be sure to be on the other side of the line to continue the scam.
It does not matter also even if you give the correct number of the bank or court.
But it is always better to have somebody as accomplice on these places.


Ask a barangay tanod or a corrupt police to deliver a small piece of paper to the Debtor.
Indicate mo na may kaso siyang “Serious Physical Injury” kaya dapat tawagan ang Manila City Hall.
After tumawag sa number mo, tell the caller to call Atty. Mando Rugas ( ikaw din yun) otherwise itutuloy ang kaso.
Pag-tumawag, jackpot! Singilin mo sa sa utang niya!

3.Tell them about promo and amnesty offers.
Give them a deadline. To qualify, ask them that they should give at least P 5,000.00 tomorrow “to show willingness to pay”.
pag-nagbayad,inuman na,libre pulutan pa!
"Sir/M'am, sorry po disapproved yung Amnesty ninyo /wahaha
Tell them about RA 8484, Warrant of Arrest, Publishing their Faces, or Estafa.

4.Other techniques

a.Pa-konsiensya Effect - Nagamit mo naman yan…
b.Pa-galit Effect – Balasubas!
c.Pa-Blackmail Effect – Tatawag kami sa HR ninyo

Tell them anything that sounds “legal” – warrant of distraint, credit abandonment or preliminary attachment. They won’t know it anyway.

See? Ang dali lang maging collector no? meron dyan matagal na at supervisor ngayon – si ESB. Kilalanin mo!

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