Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Will Pay The Bank Directly!

I will pay the bank directly,
instead of the collector.

Such nice words to hear.
But maybe you can ponder on the following:

Di ba written-off na ito?
Does it mean HATI ang bank and collector?
Does it mean EFFECTIVE ang pananakot at pahiya ni collector sa akin?
Doe is mean I am rewarding him for that?
Is my payment being CREDITED against my card card debt account?
or is it simply being credited to the account of the collector?

Kung minsan, nag-tataka ako kung bakit bayad ako ng
bayad, my account does not move naman.
Is it simply being eaten by the charges?

Also, why do I pay my HSBC "credit card accounts"
in Citibank or any other bank. THAT sounds queer to me?

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