Friday, December 2, 2011

Meet Mr. Collector

He is an employee of a Collection Agency.
Which in turns likes to impress us like :
"Real Mon De Low Office"

He earns on a "No Collect ; No Commission" basis.
No commission means nothing to eat,or barkada nights.
And gets fired out eventually.

He thus forces defaulter to pay thru harassment,lies, blackmails.

Siya yung tatawag sa iyo at hinde mag-bibigay ng tunay niyang pangalan.
(eh,kung mahuli ako, sabi niya!)
He will pretend to be from the bank's "pre-legal department"
(meron ba noon? WALA!)
as Atty. Mando Rugas
(naku ha lawyer mismo ang tatawag sa iyo? VIP ka 'day!)
or even Major Problemo of the PNP CIDG
(hinde ba Chief Inspector ang tawag doon?)

with a Warrant of Arrest
(thanks for informing me in advance. Tatago na ako)
or conduct a legal visit
(tell your friends to make "legal" visits din ha? Wag yung "illegal" visits)
or asks for barangay protection.
(oo nga naman. what if sinapak mo siya dahil nahuli mo na niloloko ka)

He uses pro-forma reminders and collection letters like:
File a case.
Does your company collector files a case?
Sound stupid?
Yes, it is!

How to deal with him?
...Go on, don't be afraid
Dare his bluff.
"Let's settle everything in court!"
Watch his reactions - ayaw niya.
Alam mo na kung bakit.

Now you know him better.

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