Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dubai Debts

Wala tayong pakialam sa batas nila ; wala din sila pakialam sa batas natin.
this is because of the "territoriality concept of law".
once you are here in 'Pinas, mahirap habulin because of the cost and the
separate territorial laws involved.

Di ba ang tawag sa mga bansa "Independent"? wala bansa ang puede
makialam sa ibang bansa.

Kaya, ang mga masigasig lang ay yung mga Pinoy sa Dubai and Pinoy
dito who try to squeeze money from OFWs by blackmailing them.
(Special Mention po dito ay Bilkish)

May debtors prison doon? dito, wala.

Think about this :
Kung puede mag-asawa doon ng lima, dito ay considered yan "adultery"
see the difference?

From A Lawyer:

The XXX (OTHER ARAB COUNTRY) authority can only hold or refuse the entry or departure of an foreign national for violation of its immigration laws or its local laws (it is possible that they consider a person undesirable alien if he has a case before UAE) but the actual case for violation of UAE laws can only be prosecuted and filed in UAE since violation of criminal law is jurisdictional meaning it can be filed only in the place where it was committed.

My Translation : WALA pakialam ang GCC sa kaso mo sa Dubai

Each countries has an agreement with their respective local police through Interpol to apprehend violators of their law and if the host country (GCC) is willing to cooperate with UAE government through its INTERPOL or the immigration office, they can apprehend the subject for eventual turnover to UAE authorities for his prosecution.

My Translation : PUEDE ang GCC country na dakpin ka at i-turn over sa Dubai.
meaning - IF you are that important and has committed heinous crimes or plunder
at tumakas ka with $100,000,000.00 from the bank.

In THEORY, everything is possible.
In Reality, not everything is feasible.

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