Friday, July 9, 2010

Help Not Blame


What to better define people with credit card problems - worrywarts? oppressed maybe? or victims? Would exploited CreditCard Defaulters be most appropriate?

From the start, Cardholders are already at the losing end, exploited by corporate greed - Tempted to meet their emotional wants and desires masquerading as actual needs.
Rationalization comes in - CCs are handy, to be used only on
"emergency cases". And how many " real emergency cases" did we have? Its Midnight Sale in the mall, there's a promo on appliances sayang naman if we pass this opportunity,I like that bag, baka wala na yan pag-balik ko. familiar scenes?

Default starts. the exploitation continues. Where in the world can you have an interest of 42% plus a penalty of 60% or a total of l02% per annum? you only heard about it when speaking of 5/6 before! On top of that, there are over-the-limit fees, hidden charges na hinde mo naman maintindihan how it got there and at collection fee of 25%,the logic behind it also puzzles me.ahhh....deceits.....greed.....

Aside from harassments of the collectors, and the paranoia created afterwards, when others heard about the exploitation, reaction would most likely be:

"iyan, kasi they are irresponsible in handling their finances"

maybe,losing a job is also being irresponsible?
maybe,using your card to put dear father under ICU to keep him alive is being irresponsible?
maybe,not being able to look at your family go hungry is also being irresponsible?

Exploited na nga yung tao, you add pa to their miseries by blaming them.
In such case, I dont want to go to church with these hypo-critical people.

If you cannot help, dont blame. leave us alone.

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