Sunday, August 15, 2010

Demand Letters & Text Messages

These come in three forms:
1. Unsealed at tad-tad ng staples na demand letter.
2. a 1/4 s#$t of paper.
3. SMS.

even at unholy hours.

It simply tells you about:
1. Being imprisoned ( IF you kill a cat or under RA 8484 ek-ek);
2. This is your FINAL demand ( you received it a hundred times, though)
3. That they will get your things ( even if you do not have one)
4. To call Atty. Ek-ek otherwise.....
5. That your spouse shall be included under rule 3 sec 4 of the new
rules of court.( eh, single ka? or so what? Wedding vow namin yun!)
6. That you will have NBI,Barangay,Police running after you
( some would even include manhunt operations by the entire AFP,
including the Phil. Air Force and Phil. Navy! - sus, ginoo.)
7. That you will be blacklisted forever in the files of,well, everything!

Since there are no good news there anyway, but only lies:
letters - dont open ; "take and tapon" diskarte
SMS - press 'delete'

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