Saturday, August 28, 2010

Office Visits

When collectors threaten to visit you,
they will merely hand you a 1/4 s#$t of paper telling you
"to call atty. ek-ek otherwise...."
if he is polite naman,
just receive it without any fuzz.

However, if he makes a scene,and begins to interview or berate you,
You have the right to refuse entry to anybody, especially collectors.

Ask them for proofs that they are legitimate:

1.Collection Agency authority as required by BSP Cir. 702
2.His authority from the supposed collection agency;
3.Board Resolution of the bank authorizing such appointment
4.Employee ID
5.Statement of Account duly signed by authorized bank signatory
6.etc.and etc.

Normally WALA silang maipakita.
Conclusion? they are just there to harass you and milk money

The Revised Penal Code states :
..By means of any of the following false pretenses or fraudulent acts executed prior to or simultaneously with the commission of the fraud:
(a) By using fictitious name, or falsely pretending to possess power, influence, qualifications or imaginary transactions, or by means of other similar deceits.
(b)By inducing another, by means of deceit, to sign any document.
Art. 318. Other deceits.
any person who shall defraud or damage another by any other deceit not mentioned

Penalty? why, kulong, of course!
CALL THE POLICE. its time to turn the table against these rude collectors.

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