Saturday, September 4, 2010


Take the call.
It cant kill you anyway.

1. Make it simple -
answer "yes" or "no"
2. You are under no obligation to accomodate them.
No need to explain, plead, argue. useless.
walang nanalo dyan.
3. Just tell the truth - wala kang pambayad.
4. Inform them:
"according to my lawyer, sa court na lang daw natin
pag-usapan ito. Formal at legal. Ayaw mo na nyan?"
5. After which DONT LISTEN anymore kahit ano pa sabihin niya.
6. If the caller starts berating you, what is there to listen
for? kaya, hang-up or let the table, which has no brain too,
listen to him instead.

these suggestions are practical and common sense approaches.
why listen to an irrational caller?

..just a reminder

Hi banker... I was so thankful that i found this blog... Regarding my HSBC card, last year an agent called and told me to pay my outstanding balance amounting to 24k, but he said to me that there is a discounted amount that could be offered to me, amounting to 10k. I made a loan to our comapny just to pay that amount, but I made it in 2 payments, 5k and another 5k. He promised me to give a certificate of full payment on that. But time passed by, i have not recieve any confirmation from that agent. After 5 months they called me up with another agent, asking for my payment. I told him that I made a payment last year, but I never recieve any certificates. I forgot to get his name, and told me that "naloko daw ako ng agent na yun, marami na raw complaints na ganun". Afetr that call, i recieved a txt msg, that I have to pay my account or if not they will go to our barangay with the attorney. Please help me with this, advise me what will i have to do. Thank you very much...

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010 1:16:00 PM GMT+08:00

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