Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mindanao Daily Mirror Item

Some collectors are trying to milk this item to mislead & coerce people to pay:

Bankard files cases against 2 card holders

...against credit cards holders who failed to pay their outstanding obligations. Records from the Branch 4, Municipal Trial Court in Cities
of Davao City shows that.....Sum of money cases were filed in Court by BANKARD Inc.. . .

"The notion that nobody goes to jail for not paying their debts no longer holds true especially with the passing of Republic Act 8484, which now makes it a crime or a criminal act" Atty. Vanessa G. Revamonte explained.


There are TWO issues here being discussed:

1. They filed a CIVIL CASE for "Sum of Money" ;
2. Explained about RA 8484 that imposes a penalty of imprisonment for debts
(IF it stemmed from using FAKE CARDS)

She is right. She is telling the truth, but NOT THE WHOLE TRUTH.
otherwise, Atty. Revamonte could have filed a CRIMINAL CASE and not
a civil case.


- - - - - -

Bill of Rights
SECTION 20. No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of a poll tax.

RA 8484,and other related laws, punishes you, not because of debt, but because of other things like dishonesty or deceits.

No law is designed to coerce a debtor to pay his debt.

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