Saturday, September 24, 2011


I would like to share my experiences regarding rude CA who came to our office to collect the unpaid debt of my co-office mate.

This agent comes arrogantly inside our office and ask for the name of my co-employee. then i sense that he was the guy who calls us intermittently and very rude. i tell him whats this all about? with a raised voice he told me and also for everyone to hear that we are a company that tolerates estafador.

This irked me, and in my anger i told my other office mate to block the door. then i get my glock 40 cal and place this on top of my table.

I casually told him you could disappear here. then my co-office mate who was harassed by him for a long time vent his anger on him.

The agent attempted to run outside but his path was blocked by other office mate. then he begged to stopped from assaulting him since he is just doing his job and he got daily quota. he further added that he got 4 kids to fed.

We let him leave but we immediately called the barangay to report that a certain individual had came to our office and destroy some company property. we also summon the police precint and ask for police assistance and surrender to him the motorcycle of this agent.

Later, this collection agent comes back with 2 allegedly cidg personnel. we called again the barangay who responded with the police. we notice that this 2 cidg personnel becomes uneasy and wanted to leave. they were all brought to the police station. the agent lodge for physical injuries while we file a case for robbery with extortion.

His case against us for physical injuries was dismissed for insufficiency of evidence while our case against him prosper. he is out on bail. his motorcycle was still with the police.

Occasionally, we received a call from him to settle the case amicably.
this incident prompted our company to change some personnel policy on credit cards.

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