Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Collection Common Sense

I find it funny when a collector calls,
then when you ask for a Statement of Account,
i-refer ka sa banko.

when you collect, siempre you have an amount
to collect, right?
if wala siyang Statement of Account, saan pala
niya kinuha yung amount ng umano utang mo?
common sense.

Worse pa, they will charge you per page daw?
their idea of an SOA is yung monthly billing statement
mo! isn't it rather stupid?

try asking for your latest statement of account from
would they give you print-outs of your monthly billings?
common sense.

so, next time you ask for your Statement of Account
to prove how much is your debt, ask the collector this
question - Saan mo pala kinuha yung amount na yun?
common sense.

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