Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lies Collectors Tell

10. Good morning, this is City Bank
Want to find out? try calling your bank. chances are, you will be referred back to the caller - a collection agency!

9.Good morning, this is litigation department of City Bank
No such thing. its either legal department or remedial management department.or its a Collection Agency!

8. Good morning, we are offering an "Amnesty Program"
It's more of a Fantasy Program. How can there be an amnesty if your account is already written off?

7. We will sue you!
If they do it, they would no longer be called a collection agency, magiging Suing Agency na!

6. You are liable under RA 8484
you forget to read the last line " ..if evidence warrants..." there is none

5. We have conducted "ocular inspection"
This is being done by Appraisers not collectors

4. We will file " preliminary writ of attachments"
legal ek-ek. you have no properties anyway

3.Call this number to hold your case
You cannot "hold" it. only the Judge can

2.We will get all your properties
Even your old electric fan?

and the no. 1 LIE they tell.....

1. This is Attorney Sunday Muller. You have a Warrant of Seizure Arrest.


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