Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why I Am Afraid To Tell You Who I Am

Back in my college days (meaning - when you were not born yet, most
probably)I had this book as one of my favorites.

Details of Book:

Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am
Author: John Powell
Originally published in 1975 by Fontana.

A new edition of a personal psychology book by the author of WHY AM
I AFRAID TO LOVE? It aims to help the reader become more
emotionally open and less insecure by encouraging communication and
interaction with others, thus leading to personal maturity and

In our society today, we have placed a great stress on being
authentic.We have talked about placing masks over the face of our
"real" selves and of playing roles that disguise our true and real
selves. The implication is that somewhere, inside you and inside me,
lurk our real selves. John Powell provides insights into
self-awareness, personal growth, and honest communication.

Only when we face our fears can we learn to like ourselves and trust
that others will accept us. This extraordinary book has changed
countless lives.

Aren't you reminded of the time you wished to keep being deep in debt
a secret only known to your self and away from your loved ones?

Want to sincerely know the answer to the question above?
I can tell you freely,because I am no longer afraid of it.

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