Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Dozen Myths and Their Reality

1. The legal officer of the bank called.Ang bastos.

He is no legal officer nor from the bank.
He is merely a high school grad collector pretending to be
a legal officer or attorney. ( meron bang illegal officer? ^-^)
Iba ang credit card companies ; iba ang banks.
Messenger/collectors of collection agencies love to pretend that
" they are from the bank". Bad news for them - They wont get hired.
Bank employees are well educated and civilized.
Just because they are headed by lawyers does not mean that collection
agencies are also law offices.
Law is a noble profession. Look what they are doing.
quite sad....

2. I will pay P500.00 a month to show "good faith"

Do you think they will appreciate it given their greed?
Financial marathon.

3. I have to pay my debt because I used it.

Pay where you borrowed it from. what if the lender refuses
your payment? Better give it to your family. they need it more.

4. They will file estafa and RA8484 against me because I issued checks

BP 22 has been decriminalized just in case you are still unaware.
RA 8484 is for people who faked their cards.

5. I left a debt in Dubai. The collection agency is threatening me with a lawsuit.

kung criminal case ang utang sa ibang bansa, iba dito sa Pinas.
anong pakialam nila sa batas natin?
Kung puede sila mag-asawa ng lima doon, dito, this is already bigamy!
dare their bluff. you read it right - b l u f f.

6. They will visit my office/house.

They will simply give you that 1/4 shit of paper
telling you to call atty. ek-ek "otherwise...."
forget it. you are not that stupid anymore.

7. There will be a hold order when I arrive from abroad.

It's a Hold DEPARTURE order, my friend. it's not a DO NOT ENTER order.

8. They will publish my picture in the newspaper.

Know what happens if they do publish all defaulters ? you will no longer
read any news in the papers.Besides, they are liable for libel.

9. They will serve an Arrest Warrant daw tomorrow.

Will you advise the person in advance if you will arrest him?
Common sense.

10.I need to provide them EVERYTHING - my contact numbers, my
home address, office address. If I changed them, I am obliged
to do so.

So that they can constantly harass and force you to pay their commission.
The root word here is "surreptitiously". look for it.

11.They will assess my properties to show I can still pay.

They will merely tell you that "we have made an ocular inspection of
your assets". Even if they have not done so, you do not own anything
or you are merely renting the house! C'mon,gimme a break!

12.Lastly, They will file a case against me!

Why waste their time and money filing a case when they can simply
earn by just terrorizing you instead?
What if you have nothing to pay despite the case? THINK.

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